Where should I Go for the first time in Greece?

The Most beautiful islands in Greece for the first timers – When somebody thinks of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Santorini and Mykonos are usually the first that comes to mind.

Fortunately for us, Greece has many more breathtakingly beautiful islands. So if you’re peeking for the ideal island vacation, you’ve come to the right place!

This post will detail all of the best Greek islands, as well as guidance on which one to visit, where to stay, and how much time to spend there!

1. Santorini

Most beautiful islands in Greece- Santorini

While Santorini is one of the most attractive islands in the world, due to its popularity. It is often overrun by tourists. Despite its small size, the island welcomes about 2 million visitors each year.

If you want to bypass the crowds, go during the shoulder season. Late September is one of the most suitable times to visit Santorini because the climate is nice. The pink bougainvillea buds are still in bloom, but costs are lower and there are fewer visitors.

If you’re staying in Santorini for the first time, three days will give you sufficient time to analyze the entire island. Oia is considered one of Europe’s most attractive cities, and it is even one of the most famous places to stay in Santorini.

2. Mykonos

Most beautiful islands in Greece - Mykonos

The most beautiful island in Greece – Mykonos is best understood for its dynamic nightlife and fabulous bars. So it’s definitely a great destination for touring with friends or as a couple, but due to its laid-back vibes. It can also be a significant place for a family vacation.

Mykonos, like most Greek islands, is well linked by ferry to the different islands and Athens. But because it has its terminal, it is also smoothly available by plane.

If you’re visiting the Mykonos for the first time, the island’s liveliest area is one of the best locations to stay. There are the most photogenic sites on Mykonos, as well as many wonderful cafes and restaurants.

3. Naxous

Naxous Greece Island - Most beautiful islands in Greece

Naxos is a Greek heaven island, the largest of the Cyclades archipelago, located in the Aegean Sea. It is underappreciated in comparison to its adjacent islands. But it is remarkably available via the Blue Star ferry, which leaves from Piraeus on the landmass.

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When you reach Naxos, you will see Portara seating out on the small peninsula. This is an unfinished temple devoted to Apollo that is well worth a stop once you have settled in. The best way to get around is to rent a quad bike or a scooter, which can be found all over the island.

The best place to stay in Naxos will be decided by your personal preferences.

If you want to remain in the middle of Naxos, where a lot is running, the Agia Anna is perfect. There are multiple grills, restaurants, and sports in the surrounding area. If you like to visit in a more quiet area that is still close to amenities, Maragas Beach is a lavish place to stay.

4. Sifnos

Sifnos Greece island - Most beautiful islands in Greece

Sifnos should be contained in any Greek itinerary. It’s a small and quiet island with stunning white sand beaches and turquoise waters. The island is well-known for its gorgeous pottery, and it’s perfect for couples desiring just the correct amount of nightlife and activity.

Visitors come by ferry to Kamares, which has a great beach, beautiful hillsides, cafes, and beach bars. There are several resorts on Kamares, but the bulk of them are in Apollonia, the island’s biggest city.

The city is located in the hills and features crooked streets lined with whitewashed structures, trendy boutiques, restaurants, and tavernas. It’s a wonderful place to meet locals and visitors for a drink or some tasty Greek food.

Other shores to visit on the island have Vathy Beach, a more isolated soft-sand gem that is worth the struggle to reach.

5. Milos

Milos Greece Island - Most beautiful islands in Greece

Milos, in the Cyclades chain, clearly meets the traditional Greek island trifecta: charming villages, beautiful beaches, and even some charming historic sites. Of course, with over 70 other beaches, it is unrivaled in terms of sunbathing options.

Milos has many other types of beaches, ranging from the long, sandy stretch of Fyriplaka and the tiny, remote Tsigrado to the blinding, white rock ledges of Sarakiniko.

While a week would be perfect, it is likely to see all of the main highlights in Milos in three days.
When it arrives to where to stay in Milos, the main harbor of Adamantas is a significant place to start because of its closeness to ferries and great ocean-front seafood cafes, while the hilltop town of Trypiti has a more calm vibe and stunning views.

6. Crete

Crete Greece Island - Most beautiful islands in Greece

Crete is the biggest Greek island, with an abundance of options for both those peeking for a relaxing beach vacation and those seeking an adventure experience.

If you want to go on a beach holiday, it’s best to go in the summer or earlier autumn, but because the island is relatively warm in the winter as well, it’s also a wonderful choice for a warm winter escape in Europe.

There are multiple day trips available, and it is only a few hours by boat from the more famous Santorini. The only challenge in Crete is welcoming all of the views in a one-week vacation.

You will not be unhappy or bored in Crete, whether you prefer to spend time on the golden beaches or explore this civilization and history-rich island.

7. Amorgos

Amargos - Most beautiful islands in Greece

Amargos is a little more isolated island, with more goats than people. Despite this, it delivers visitors the attractiveness of other Greek islands as well as the chance to find peace and tranquillity.

When your ferry docks at Amorgo’s port, you can pay your time respecting the white-washed architecture of the village. Hike via the island’s aromatic vegetation, go diving, or see one of its bustling restaurants or bars.

Visit the construction of the Monastery of Hozoviotissa. Which is made into a cliff about 300 meters above the sea. If altitudes aren’t your thing, head to Kalotaritissa Beach to see the nearby shipwrecking of the Olympia craft, which has stood in the moisture for decades.

8. Lefkada

Lefkada Island - Most beautiful islands in Greece

This is likely the only Greek island available by car — a bridge links it to the landmass. It’s slightly well-known, but it has a ton to offer! The whole coast is rich in lovely bays, fishing towns, and coasts, as well as taverns doing otherworldly Greek cuisine.

Water sports fans will not be dissatisfied going windsurfing in Sivota and Vassiliki and Sivota or kitesurfing in Agios. It is also helpful to visit the dens in Kalamos, which can be achieved by boat. See the villages of Exanthia, Karya, or Eglouvi, which are less well-known.

9. Hydra

Hydra has long existed considered the muse of many writers, lyricists, artists, and filmmakers. On weekends, Hydra, which is less than two hours from Athens, serves up celeb stars from all over the globe.

There are virtually no beaches here and no highways, but there are a bunch of yachts and bustling life, as well as lovely and clean water, which you can bounce into from more than one rock. Hira’s port is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

10. Syros

Syros - Most beautiful islands in Greece

Syros is very near to Athens and is an effortless day trip out from the city. Visit Ermoupoli, a 19th-century city made on twin peaks, one Orthodox and the other Catholic, to notice the impact of Italian culture. There are countless festivals on Syros, the most famous of which is the Greek blues celebration, Rembetiko.

Hermoupolis, with its Apollon Theatre, is also worth a visit. Check out the beaches of Varvarousa, Delfini, and Aetos in the far north. Take adorable loukoumi and cheese from the island home with you.

Some FAQs about the most beautiful islands in Greece

Q. Which are the most visited islands in Greece?

Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete are the most visited island in Greece by the Tourister. These islands attract more tourister because of their natural beauty, your heart feels so much happiness that you can’t able to express it. So, if you are going to Greece for a vacation then must visit these islands.

Q. Which Greek island has the least amount of tourists?

Samothrace, also known as Samothraki, is one of the Greek islands with the rarest foreign visitors. It’s a famous destination for Greek vacationers, especially those from the nation’s north.

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