7 Best Places to visit in Queensland Australia

1. Great Barrier Reef

On Australia's, the Great Barrier Reef is a site of remarkable variety and beauty. It has the world's largest collection of coral reefs, as well as 1,500 fish species.

2. Lamington National Park

Thousands of people visit Lamington National Park because of its natural beauty. This park is in the Queensland – Australia best city to visit.

3. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is one of the world's busiest wildlife hospitals.

4. Story Bridge

The Story Bridge is a heritage steel cantilever bridge between the Brisbane River and connects the city's in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

5. Australia Zoo

At the Tiger Temple, you can see the magnificent Sumatran tigers in action. Australia best city to visit and lots of fun.

6. Wallaman Falls, Townsville

Its a tallest waterfall in Australia, you will encounter lots of crocodile here.

7. Lawn Hill Gorge

One of Queensland's most scenic national parks is Lawn Hill Gorge.

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