7 Best New Zealand Honeymoon Spots for Couples 2023

NO. 1 - Wellington 

It could be more romantic than spending your initial days as a wedding couple analyzing the South Island’s spectacular natural beauty.

NO. 2 - Otago 

Waiheke, you’re perfect for any kind of happiness. Waiheke is a wonderful island for honeymoons, weddings, and even weekend departures.

NO. 3 - The island of Waiheke 

This amazing town is only under a 2-hour drive from Auckland and is the Best honeymoon destinations in New Zealand for couples

NO. 4 - Raglan 

It has a lot to show, particularly if you’re the kind of couple who enjoys a little adventure. At night, return to more formal honeymoon activities by waiting at one of the region’s many luxury hotels.

NO. 5 - Central Plateau

When seeing Mount Cook, New Zealand’s tallest peak. A lovely and unrealistic way to finish a night, and a must-have on any New Zealand honeymoon itinerary!

NO. 6 - Cook’s Mountain

The Coromandel Peninsula, found just east of Auckland, is a perfect spot to start your honeymoon in New Zealand.

NO. 7 - Coromandel Peninsula


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