Snorkeling in Grenada 2024 – A Complete Guide

Enjoy Snorkeling in Grenada

Grenada is a special place in the world. It’s located by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It used to be known for its spices, and now it’s a famous vacation destination.

If you like snorkeling, Grenada is like paradise. The beaches here are fantastic for snorkeling because they have big, untouched reefs under the water, and you can see lots of interesting plants and animals.

Grenada even has the world’s first underwater sculpture park! So let’s explore the Grenada Snorkeling Spots in 2024.

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9 Best Spots for Snorkeling in Grenada

Grenada Snorkeling SpotsFacts
Magazine Beach150 feet (45 meters)
Levera Beach300 meters (984 feet)
La Sagesse Beach
Moliniere Bay
Carriacou6-30 feet
Hog Island
Flamingo Bay150 feet
Grand Anse Beach
Morne Rouge Beach

1. Magazine Beach: A Snorkeling Paradise

If you want to go snorkeling in Grenada, Magazine Beach is the place to be. It’s in the south of the island, in St. George’s Parish.

The water is clear and safe for swimming. Some folks call it Aquarium Beach, and it’s conveniently close to the national airport.

The best spot for snorkeling is at the southern end of the beach, about 150 feet (45 meters) from the shore.

It’s like an underwater wonderland there. After your aquatic adventure, you can grab a bite to eat at the Aquarium Restaurant.

What’s great about this beach is that it’s always peaceful. The sand is soft and white, making it a treat for your feet.

On Sundays, the restaurant hosts a budget-friendly barbecue, adding a cultural touch to your snorkeling day.

2. Levera Beach: Turtle Haven

Levera Beach is found within Levera National Park on the northeast coast. You can either take a boat or swim to the coral reef.

The water is super clear, especially when the Atlantic Ocean is calm. If you swim a little farther, you can reach Sugar Loaf Island, which is about 300 meters (984 feet) away.

But the main attraction here is watching sea turtles breed from May to September.

3. La Sagesse Beach: A Tranquil Oasis

La Sagesse Beach is located in the southeast of Grenada. Even though it seems far away, it’s just a short walk from the main road.

There are three beautiful beaches here, each with its own coral reefs you can explore with your snorkeling gear.

Nearby, you’ll find the La Sagesse Nature Centre, where you can listen to tropical birds and enjoy the pleasant scents of the plants while you swim.

And if you’re feeling hungry after your swim, there’s a restaurant right on the beach where you can grab some snacks.

4. Moliniere Bay

Grenada Snorkeling Sculpture Park Underwater
Grenada Snorkeling Sculpture Park Underwater | Image Credit – Link

Moliniere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park is a fantastic place to swim in Grenada. You should definitely visit when you’re in Grenada.

There, you can see beautiful coral and tropical fish all around. It’s also the world’s first underwater art park, featuring over 60 statues.

A famous British artist named Jason de Caires Taylor created this park.

You can find his artwork in other places worldwide, like the Lanzarote Underwater Museum in Mexico, which you can reach by snorkeling in Punta Nizuc. He’s also the artist behind the famous Gili Meno statues.

The water here is clear, calm, and not too deep, making it perfect for snorkelers, divers, and even those who can’t swim.

If you can’t swim, you can also enjoy this beautiful place from a glass-bottom boat. The best way to reach the park is by joining tours that depart from Grand Anse Beach and St. George.

5. Carriacou

Carriacou is a great place to go snorkeling in Grenada. Its name is “Island of many reefs,”.

Both kids and adults can search for starfish in the clear, shallow waters at Paradise Beach, which is a nice spot for families. If you’re up for more exploring, you can hop on a boat to Sandy Island, which is nearby.

The interesting underwater rocks covered in sponge and coral are definitely worth checking out.

They are home to lots of different kinds of fish like barracudas, parrotfish, triggerfish, and hawksbill turtles, which you can easily see with a diving mask because the water isn’t very deep, only about 6 to 30 feet.

You can also spot many colorful reef fish here that look like they belong in a tropical paradise.

For those looking for unique snorkeling experiences, White Island and Saline Island are found off the southern coast of Carriacou.

They have stunning coral reefs where various types of fish and nurse sharks make their home.

6. Hog Island

Hog Island is located on the southeast coast. It’s in a special area where people who love snorkeling can see cool things like reef sharks, sea urchins, and a big pink shellfish called conch, which is a popular food in the Caribbean.

Depending on when you visit, Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar throws a barbecue party every Sunday with live music.

If you’re into diving, this place is great because there are old sunken ships on the ocean floor. Just be careful of dive boats when you’re swimming.

7. Flamingo Bay

Flamingo Bay got its name from special snails called flamingo tongue snails that live there. It’s a really pretty place to go swimming in Grenada, and it’s also part of the Grenada Marine Park.

You can do both diving and snorkeling here. Usually, boats stop in shallow water, and that’s where snorkelers and divers get in.

The water is about 6 to 8 feet deep near the surface, and it gets deeper to about 150 feet at the deepest part.

You’ll see lots of different sea animals here, like groups of fish, barracudas, stingrays, turtles, and more.

The coral reefs here are also healthy and nice to look at. So, no matter if you’re new to swimming or very experienced, you should definitely check out Flamingo Bay as one of the best places to swim in Grenada.

8. Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse may not have reefs, but it’s a great spot for snorkeling. The water here is warm, not too deep, and peaceful. You can see pretty tropical fish and cool sea animals like lobsters.

Grand Anse can get crowded because it’s near many big hotels.

To enjoy the beautiful views, clear water, and soft sandy beach, go there early in the morning. This beach in Grenada is definitely a must-visit.

9. Morne Rouge Beach

It is also known as BBC Beach and is a lovely spot southwest of Grand Anse Beach. It’s not too crowded, but it’s just as pretty.

This beach has a shape like a crescent moon and is about half a mile long. The water here is calm and clear, which is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Quarantine Point helps keep the water calm, so it’s excellent for families with kids and folks who are new to snorkeling.

You can swim here and spot tropical fish, eels, starfish, sea urchins, and more, although you won’t find as much sea life as some of Grenada’s other beaches.

Usually, the beach is peaceful and not too busy during the week. But on weekends, it gets lively with locals.

You’ll also find bathrooms, several restaurants, bars, and places where you can rent beach chairs along the shore.

Best Places to Stay in Grenada for Snorkeling

Best Snorkeling in Grenada
Grenada Snorkeling

Here are some great places to stay in Grenada:

Southwest Coast:

If you love swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing on the beach, the southwestern coast of Grenada is perfect for you. It’s also near the airport, which is convenient.

Grand Anse Beach:

This is a popular spot for both swimming and accommodation. You can choose from various types of places to stay, including resorts, boutique hotels, villas, and apartments.

Spice Island Beach Resort:

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive option, this resort is a fantastic choice. They provide free water sports equipment like snorkeling gear, boats, and paddleboards.

Additionally, the Cobaya Beach Resort nearby offers diving facilities and excellent snorkeling opportunities.

Maca Bana on Magazine Beach:

For travelers who prefer a less crowded environment, Maca Bana is an excellent option. It’s a small eco-hotel with a luxurious yet relaxed atmosphere.

Plus, the famous Aquarium restaurant is located within the hotel, offering a chance to savor Grenada’s unique cuisine.

These are some of the best places to stay in Grenada, depending on your preferences and budget.

What do You need for Snorkeling in Grenada?

When you’re getting ready for snorkeling in Grenada, it’s important to be well-prepared to have a fun, safe, and comfortable experience. Here’s what you should bring with you:

Mask, Snorkel, and Fins:

While you can rent snorkeling equipment in Grenada or book a tour that provides gear, it’s a good idea to get your own.

This confirms that the gear fits you properly and is comfortable in the water.

Sun Protection:

Since Grenada is one of the southernmost islands in the Caribbean, protecting yourself from the sun is crucial.

Pack sunscreen that is safe for coral reefs, a rash guard, and something to cover your head like a scarf or buff.

Snorkel Vest:

In some snorkeling spots in Grenada, there might be waves and strong currents. Wearing a snorkel vest can make your trip more enjoyable and keep you safer in case of an accident.

Comfortable Swimwear and Board Shorts:

You can wear various types of swimwear for snorkeling, but some people prefer snug-fitting clothes that won’t slip off or get tangled in the water.

Expert Tips for Grenada Snorkeling

  • Safety First: Prioritize safety by wearing proper snorkeling gear, such as a mask, snorkel, and fins. Ensure they fit snugly to prevent water leakage.
  • Respect Marine Life: Maintain a respectful distance from marine creatures and refrain from touching or disturbing them.
  • Go with a Guide: If you’re new to snorkeling or the area, consider hiring a local guide who can lead you to the best snorkeling spots and provide valuable understanding.
  • Tide Awareness: Be aware of tide changes and currents, particularly when snorkeling near reefs or in open water.

Conclusion – Grenada Snorkeling

Grenada snorkeling is an experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

This Spice Isle offers a wide range of underwater experiences. From vibrant coral reefs to fascinating wrecks and serene lagoons, Grenada has it all. So, pack your snorkeling gear and get ready for an extraordinary aquatic journey in this tropical paradise.

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