Maldives Water Villa on the Best Honeymoon Budget

The Maldives is Asia’s smallest country by land area and population. But that’s not the way tourist people see the Maldives. The bright beaches and superb Maldives Water villa that upgrade from the turquoise water or lagoons on these isles are the most popular.

These water villas ensure that they will surround you in luxury that appears to have arrived directly out of a daydream. You and your partner will definitely love these water villas in the Maldives.

Some Amazing Facts about the Maldives

  • Friday and Saturday are the weekends in the Maldives.
  • A coconut tree is the national tree of the Maldives

Here’s a brief about the most luxurious overwater villas in the Maldives.

  1. Embudu Village Resort
  2. Sun Island Resort and Spa
  3. Meeru Island Resort
  4. Reethi Faru Resort
  5. Centara Ras Fushi
  6. Safari Island Resort
  7. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
  8. Baros Resort Maldives

1. Embudu Village

Embudu Village Resort
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Only 11 km away from the airport from this small resort. This resort is among the most affordable prices in the Maldives.

Embudu Resort was high in high demand literally all resorts are booked at least 2 to 3 months before coming. It is excessively hard to find a free villa during the high season, which is in the month of November to March.

I recommend completing reservations in advance if you’re peeking for a water villa.

There are only 13 water villas on the island, and they are placed in 2 alliances by the water. This is among the most inexpensive sea villas in the Maldives.

Price: 350 – 430 $ per night

In difference to similar villas on different islands, these resorts don’t have a personal gate to enter the ocean. But, a particular deck is walled off from the different rooms. You can handle the underwater world without going to your room grateful for the ceiling glass window in the room.

The restroom has a Jacuzzi where you can relax with a soothing massage and a drink of wine. Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner are included in the fees.

Air conditioning, coffee-making gear, a hairdryer, a telephone, a minibar, a Led TV, a Locker, and also free wi-fi are available in the room.

2. Sun Island Resort and Spa

Sun Island Resort Maldives
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The amazing environment of Sun Island Resort & Spa is along with the ocean villas.

In the Maldives, Sun Island Hotel presents 65 affordable water villas that are straddled beyond a stunning turquoise lagoon.

These deluxe lodgings have big rooms with tables in the Maldivian manner that show a rigid pier and offer visitors a feeling of privacy from the remainder of the island.

Watch the outstanding view of the Maldives sunset from your personal terrace. From the month of May to September witness the lower prices for this water villa in the Maldives.

The water villa is 64 meters square in size.

Price: $ 290 – $ 440 per night

Air conditioning, coffee-making gear, a hairdryer, a telephone, a minibar, a Led TV, a Locker, and free wi-fi are available in the room.

This amazing resort must be booked at least 2-4 months previous to the journey, just like different cheap resorts. The villas are divided into 2-room alliances, each with a porch.

3. Meeru Island Resort

Meeru island resort Maldives Water Villa
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There are 34 separate water villas with pictures of either the evening sunset or morning sunrise available at the resort.

The villa is 53 m2 in size.

The room has 2 scenic windows, but there are also 2 comfortable and colorful spaces for full immersion in the Maldives heaven.

A little window on the base is also there to witness the fish and other water animals. It is great that an individual bungalow has its own personal access to the water.

The following luxuries are supplied in the individual room: Air conditioning, coffee-making gear, a telephone, a minibar, a Led TV, a hairdryer, a Locker, and free wi-fi.

Price: 400 – 500 $ per night

The Meeru Villas’ interior is made in a classic style with multiple bamboo inflections. Only rare resorts are always able to deliver a traditional Maldives environment. Moreover, this cheap Maldives water villa is extremely difficult to secure.

The resort hits the perfect harmony between convenience and the natural attractiveness of a fresh tropical island.

4. Reethi Faru Resort

REETHI-FARU-Maldives overwater villa
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The same firm that handles Reethi Beach also owns Reethi Faru, which is unique and more exclusive.

45 separate, low-cost water villas with an amazing view of the sunrise and sunset are available at the resort. Remote entry to the Indian Ocean’s turquoise waters is supplied by each villa.

The villa is 78 meters square in size.

Price: $ 357 – $ 517 per night

Stylish, roomy villas that allowed you to get the benefit of the Maldivian views to the greatest extent are known for a great getaway.

These villas deliver a natural Indian Ocean adventure because they are straddled by a peaceful blue lagoon. Put yourself in a spell by allowing the softly hitting waves below you to plug your ears.

The following amenities are provided in the individual room: Air conditioning, coffee-making gear, a telephone, a minibar, a Led TV, a hairdryer, a Locker, and free wi-fi.

You can also take benefit of an outdoor shower. The restroom has a window that shows a peek of the ocean.

5. Centara Ras Fushi

Centara-Ras-Fushi-Maldives Water Villa
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Those who love Scuba diving can appreciate the superb place reef at the resort. Train yourself to witness the sizable schools of sea bass, batfish, soldierfish, sea horse, and other unique species.

While diving near the reef, there is a very chance that you will catch sharks, stingrays, and turtles because they are mostly in this area.

44 standalone Maldives water villas are available at the resort, including Deluxe Overwater Villas, Deluxe Spa Overwater Villas, Deluxe Sunset Overwater Villas, and Premium Overwater Villas.

The length and a few luxuries may be the only notable distinctions. Each water villa has also its own personal entrance to the Indian Ocean.

Price: $ 470 – $ 650 per night

The interior of Centara Ras Fushi water villas in the Maldives is created in the regional structure with a powerful amount of bamboo inflections.

All of this, along with the compliance windows, forms a unique environment of peace with the isle’s natural beauty.

The following luxuries are supplied in the individual room: Air conditioning, coffee-making gear, a telephone, a minibar, a Led TV, a hairdryer, a Locker, and free wi-fi.

6. Safari Island Resort

SAFARI-ISLAND-water villa resort
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There are 24 different overwater bungalows at Safari Island Resort, separately with amazing scenery of the sun setting or rising.

Air conditioning, hot/cold water, tea/coffee making capabilities, a telephone, a hairdryer, a minibar, a flat-screen TV, a safe, free wi-fi, and bathroom amenities are all included in bungalow amenities.

You also have access to an outdoor shower. Not every inexpensive hotel can provide these amenities.

Price: 290 – 600 $ per night

The villa is 71 meters square, and also each villa has a distinct personal water entrance.

The interior of the mansion has built using more modern methods and rock inflections. That’s why young honeymoon couples love this resort.

7. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Conrad Resort
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The Conrad is grown out over 2 separate islands and is link a footbridge, creating it ideal for a romantic honeymoon. The best overwater bungalows in Maldives.

Make your dinner extra special at the aquatic restaurant underwater, where the world can be caught looking via the acrylic walls.

Price: 625 $ per night

Before reserving the speedboat to the island resort. You can get your first feed in the Maldives at the resort’s “The Conrad Executive Lounge,”. Then go for the speedboat to the best Maldives water villa resort.

8. Baros Resort Maldives

Baros Resort Water bungalow
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Only 30 minutes by speedboat from Male airport. It has 30 of the most pleasing overwater villas in the Maldives featuring fascinating interior design, stunning views, and preferably-rate service.

Baros is the honeymooners’ heaven with its amazing Maldives honeymoon packages that contain free wine, a favorable photo shoot, and also a great custom-made dinner only for the newlyweds.

Price: 800 $ per night

Air conditioning, tea/coffee making capabilities, hot/cold water, a hairdryer, a wine bar, a flat-screen TV, a telephone, a locker, free wi-fi, and bathroom amenities are also included in this Maldives Water Villa.

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