Is it easy to get a sim card in Bali?

If you are on a Honeymoon to Bali and make your honeymoon exciting and make memories through friends. You must need a Sim Card in Bali that gives you internet access to contact them.
Sim Card is not necessary for honeymoon purposes only you can use it for your business trip as well.

There are phone plans available in some countries, such as the Ireland or US, that permit users to pay a monthly fee in exchange for internet access, calls, and data usage. Tourists can smoothly buy a roaming package from their home country, but this can be expensive, especially if you want to travel for a long period of time.

Is it easy to get a sim card in Bali?

Yes, it is easy to get a SIM card in Bali. SIM cards are available at most convenience stores, mobile phone shops, and airport kiosks.
Some famous providers include Indosat, Telkomsel, XL Axiata, etc. You will need to show your passport and give a local address to purchase a SIM card, and the cost were differ depending on the provider and plan.
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Before creating a first trip to Bali, there are many amazing things to know. In Indonesia, for example, you can purchase a prepaid sim card in Bali or any other region. Before you buy your sim card, it’s essential to ask about and demonstrate the various plans.

How to buy a Tourist sim card in Bali, Indonesia?

Sim card in Bali
Steps to follow to get a Bali Sim Card 2023 – 2024

Step 1:

Prepare your passport: You must show a proper form of identification, such as a passport, to buy a SIM card in Indonesia.

Step 2:

Select a provider: In addition to others, Indonesia has a number of mobile network operators, including XL Axiata, Telkomsel, Indosat Ooredoo, and 3 (Tri). To choose the provider that best fulfills your requirements research the data plans and costs.

Step 3:

Visit a provider’s store or kiosk after selecting one: They are delivered by street sellers, malls, and airports across the nation.

Step 4:

Select your strategy: Select the plan that best fulfills your requirements by requesting the vendor for the checklist of available options.

Step 5:

Register your SIM card: All SIM cards in Indonesia must be registered, according to the country. The agent will ask for your passport and might even take your picture.

Step 6:

Activate your SIM card: The agent will activate your SIM card after the registration is completed. On your phone, you’ll get a verification message.

Step 7:

Recharge your balance: You must increase your balance in charge to use your SIM card. This can be done individually, at a kiosk, online through banking, or by purchasing top-up vouchers from street vendors.

You must follow all the above steps to use your new SIM card in Indonesia and enjoy the moment.

Why buy a sim card in Indonesia?

There are a number of reasons you would wish to get a SIM card in Indonesia:

  • Cost-effective communication: By using a local SIM card in Indonesia, you can seriously decrease the amount of money that your residence network may charge you for international roaming. You can remain connected without breaking the stories and memorize with Indonesian SIM cards’ cheap data and voice choices.
  • Local phone number: With a local SIM card, you can get an Indonesian phone number that you can use to accept SMS, make local calls, and receive calls from individuals in your area. Also, keeping a local number makes it easier for locals to contact you.
  • Data access: You may access the internet fast and efficiently all across Indonesia by buying an Indonesian SIM card. Accessing maps, translation software, and other travel-connected services is made feasible via this.
  • Flexibility: Using a local SIM card in Indonesia permits you to choose between several plans and providers in agreement with your use and spending limit. For more extended stays in the nation, this is extremely helpful.
  • Easy availability: SIM cards are efficiently accessible in Indonesia and can be purchased from a variety of vendors, including comfort stores, cell phone stores, and even road vendors. To help you with the purchase and activation approach, it is easy to locate a broker who speaks English.

Which is the best sim card in Bali?

Bali jungle swing
Create Memories in Bali

In Bali, there are many mobile network providers, including XL Axiata, Telkomsel, and Indosat Ooredoo. Each of these providers has its own powers and weaknesses in terms of data speed, coverage, and pricing.


One of the most well-known mobile network providers in Bali and Indonesia is Telkomsel. They are a useful option for tourists who require reliable internet access during their journey because of their vast service area and fast data speeds.

You can go to one of the many Telkomsel official outlets or authorized retailers in Bali to get a sim card. Most shops, airports, and other tourist locations stock these.

There are several data plans and packages available from Telkomsel, including daily, weekly, and monthly options. They also provide a travel package with discounts for well-known tourist attractions that are specially made for tourists traveling to Bali and other regions of Indonesia. This package includes credit for voice and data calls.

Prices of Telkomsel Sim Card in Bali, Indonesia

These are the Telkomsel prepaid sim card deals for Bali – Bali internet speed.

  • 180 GB data for 30 days = $81.28 USD
  • 90 GB data for 30 days = $55.27 USD
  • 60 GB data for 30 days = $35.77 USD
  • 50 GB data for 30 days = $29.26 USD
  • 18 GB data for 30 days = $16.26 USD
XL Axiata

Another well-known mobile network service provider in Bali and Indonesia is XL Axiata. They have a wide network range and provide data plans and loads at affordable costs.

You can go to one of their official merchants or official locations to buy an XL Axiata sim card in Bali. They are known in the majority of Bali’s commercial centers and tourist locations.

As directed by Indonesian legislation, you must submit your passport as identification while buying a sim card. You can add credit to your sim card at any convenience store or XL Axiata retailer once you have one.

Prices of XL Axiata Sim Card in Bali, Indonesia

  • 85 GB data for 30 days = $42.27 USD
  • 65 GB data for 30 days = $35.27 USD
  • 18 GB data for 30 days = $16.26 USD
  • 25 GB data for 30 days = $23 USD
  • 44 GB data for 30 days = $29.26 USD

How do I use my Bali prepaid SIM card with an internet package?

Follow these instructions to use an internet package with your Bali prepaid SIM card:

  • Confirm that your phone is configured to use the right mobile network. You can achieve this by guiding to the network settings on your phone and selecting the appropriate network provider (e.g. Telkomsel, XL Axiata, etc.).
  • Buy a data plan from the company that gives you your SIM card. Often, you can do this by dialing a special code or by using a mobile app. Usually, the provider will deliver a variety of data packages with different data allotments and validity times.
  • The provider will equip you with a confirmation message when you buy a data package that contains all the package’s information, including the data allowance, validity duration, and any other terms and conditions.
  • You can get another data package from your provider if you require to increase your data allocation before the validity period expires.

To avoid extra fees or running out of data before the validity period has expired, it’s crucial to maintain track of your data usage. You may check your remaining data balance by dialing a specific code or using the service provider’s mobile app, but most phones come with a built-in data consumption tracker that can help you keep track of your usage.

Bali Internet Speed

At an average download speed of 26.39 Mbps.

Internet speed in Bali, Indonesia totally depends on your location, network provider, and time of day and can change. In general, internet speeds in Bali are faster in the busier tourist areas and larger towns.

At an average download speed of 26.39 Mbps, Indonesia had the 109th-fastest set broadband internet speed in the globe as per the Speedtest Global Index’s 2023 edition. For mobile internet speed, Indonesia rated 93rd in the world, with an average download speed of 23.93 Mbps.

It’s significant to keep in mind that these numbers are standards and could not accurately represent the internet speed you’ll see in Bali. Certain locations can have slower internet connections, especially during periods of high usage or in remote areas with spotty network coverage.

Bali eSIM Card

An eSIM (embedded SIM) card is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan without the need for a physical SIM card. Instead, the eSIM is embedded in your device, and you can activate it using a QR code or an activation code provided by your service provider.

While eSIM technology is gaining popularity around the world.

If you’re traveling to Bali and want to use a local SIM card, you can still purchase a physical prepaid SIM card from one of the local providers such as Telkomsel, Indosat Ooredoo, etc.

It’s worth mentioning that while eSIMs can be more suitable and permit more comfortable switching between carriers, they may not be consistent with all devices. Additionally, not all carriers keep eSIMs, so it’s always a good idea to review with your carrier before switching to an eSIM plan.

In overview, while eSIM technology is widely available in Bali, you can still buy a physical prepaid SIM card from a local provider to utilize during your travels.

Some FAQs about Bali, Indonesia
Q. Is Wifi easily available in Bali?

Yes, Wi-Fi is easily available in Bali. Most hotels, restaurants, cafes, and tourist areas offer free Wi-Fi. You can also find Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the island, at malls, and in public areas. Yet, the quality and speed of the Wi-Fi can change depending on the location and provider.

Q. Can you buy Sim Card at Indonesia Airport?

Yes, you can buy a SIM card at Indonesian airports. There are kiosks and stalls selling SIM cards from different providers, including Telkomsel, Indosat, etc. The registration process is fast and easy, and you can begin using your SIM card right away.

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