Is Cambodia worth visiting? Best Places in Cambodia.

Are u confused to visit Cambodia or not? Cambodia is a beautiful place to visit you must go at least once in your life. In Cambodia, you can do lots of things like you can explore the beauty of beaches, temples, lakes, and more best Places in Cambodia to Visit are given below.

Still, if you are confused then read out the full article to know about the best places in Cambodia and what time you should visit Cambodia. All these details will cover in this article.

Is Cambodia worth visiting?

Absolutely, yes Cambodia is the place where you can enjoy life to the fullest. That means Cambodia has so many things to offer like you can do hiking and scuba diving. You can enjoy the Glorious beaches. Old and still unique temples. So, Cambodia is the best place to visit in 2023.

Where to travel in Cambodia? Best Places in Cambodia to Visit in 2023

Cambodia is the best place to visit with families or celebrate a honeymoon. It offers lots of amazing places for both types of people. Check out the below list to get the details about it.

  1. Angkor Wat
  2. Koh Rong Samloem
  3. Kampot
  4. Koh Kong Conservation Corridor
  5. Banteay Chhmar
  6. Preah Vihear Cambodia
  7. Battambang Cambodia

1. Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat - Best places in Cambodia
Image Credit – Encyclopedia Britannica

The most famous tourist destination in Cambodia is this temple city.

This massive powerhouse of the Khmer monarchs, who aimed to reach their ancestors through the wonder of their building initiatives, was built between 803 and 1432. Therefore, acted as the largest city in the world throughout the medieval era.

There are only those strong temples standing where the city’s wooden homes had stood after the jungle encircling them advanced and later began to crumble.

The huge course of temples brings 3 days to travel. If you want to comprehend the magnitude of the Angkorian period’s architectural achievements. Even though Angkor Wat itself, the largest religious memorial in the world, is only a tiny portion of the area overall.

2. Koh Rong Samloem

Koh Rong Samloem Cambodia

There are a number of islands near the southern coast of Cambodia. That is equally as gorgeous as their Thai mates to the west, but they appear much less toured.

The islands of Cambodia deliver a piece of relaxed equatorial bliss. Where sun and sand take central stage and the enormous resorts haven’t yet completed their mark. As fought to the already heavily formed islands of Koh Samui, Phuket.

Koh Rong Samloem is one of the most scenic islands, and its prolonged, sandy Saracen Bay is house to a dozen beach hut spas that deliver a pleasant getaway from the outside world.

Although there are plenty of scuba diving sports available for the better adventurous. The hammock moment is actually the focus here.

3. Kampot

Kampot Cambodia

The laid-back riverside town of Kampot seeps plenty of old-world charm.

With its mass of staying shop-house architecture. Some of which have been lovingly converted, the tiny center quarter is a joy to wander through.

The looks of Kampot rest in its extremely laid-back atmosphere. Many visitors find themselves staying extended than expected after giving in to its relaxed pace.

However, for those who like to be more dynamic, this is a fantastic starting point for studying the southern region’s nearby interests.

The limestone grottoes of Phnom Soria and Phnom Chnork. Both of which contain antique temples are available for day trips from the village. As are the old French summer pullback of Boker Hill Station, with its jilted church haunting, the barren shell of a once-grand hotel.

4. Koh Kong Conservation Corridor

Koh Kong Conservation Corridor

South of the border village of Koh Kong in Cambodia’s southwest is a territory known as the Cardamom Mountains. It is also a house to the Koh Kong Conservation Corridor.

There are also numerous chances for hiking and ship tours in these uplands, which are housed in dense rainforests, turning rivers, and waterfalls.

If you like to just take in the pleasant surroundings and take a vacation from life, go to the Tatai River. Along the riverfront are rare small boutique eco-spas that all deliver actions like day hikes and paddling.

5. Banteay Chhmar

Banteay Chhmar Temple Cambodia

Banteay Chhmar is the most pleasing place to encounter a bit of an Indiana Jones-style temple quest.

In the distant northwest of Cambodia, this massive temple complex is covered by jungle, creating it the ideal location to see the highlights uncrowded. It is also one of the Best Places in Cambodia to Visit.

It was created by the Angkorian ruler Jayavarman in the 12th century. The unique stone ease that lines its walls is among the numerous meticulously documented in the nation.

However, the exquisite bas-reliefs of Avalokitesvara on the south barricade and the baffling mixture of battle scenes smeared on the eastern walls are 2 outstanding examples of the creative distinction of the Angkorian period.

6. Preah Vihear Cambodia

Preah Vihear Cambodia

Located in northern Cambodia, close to the Thailand border. Preah Vihear is a collection of ancient temples. One of Cambodia’s most beautiful and unique attractions, the temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Preah Vihear visitors are welcome to trek around the gardens and temple complex.
The complex, which has stunning architecture and elaborate carvings, was built during the Khmer Empire. It was a religious site for many centuries and was devoted to the Hindu god Shiva.

You can visit by taking a steep set of stairs that weave their way up the mountainside in order to reach the temple. Although the climb can be difficult, the pictures are well worth it.

Visitors can take in wide views of the surrounding countryside and the Thai border from the temple grounds.

The temple itself is usually safe for visitors, but there have sometimes been border conflicts nearby.

Preah Vihear is well worth a visit for those curious about Cambodia’s rich history and antique temples. With its spectacular architecture, beautiful mountain location, and scenic views, it is also actually a one-of-a-kind destination in Southeast Asia Cambodia.

7. Battambang Cambodia

Battambang Cambodia

A scenic riverside town in northwest Cambodia. Battambang is evolving more and more well-liked by tourists. The district is also home to a vibrant arts scene, a worth of natural beauty, and countless historical and artistic landmarks.

The French colonial architecture of Battambang is one of its greatest attractions. The Governor’s Mansion, the former train station, and the Central Market in the Art Deco technique are just a few of the town’s countless historic structures that can be explored by tourists.

The town is also home to a type of studios and passages that feature the outcomes of regional artists.

Moreover, Battambang is well known for its traditional markets, where visitors may shop for anything from locally grown food to handmade goods.

The most well-known market is Psar Nath, where you can test local specialties like grilled meat skewers and kralan (sticky rice fried in bamboo).

Tourists can explore the glorious Phnom Sampeau caverns, go for a boat ride on the Sangker River, or go hiking in the neighboring hills.

The Bamboo Train, a specific mode of transport out of bamboo, is another well-liked sight in Battambang.

Overall, Battambang is a great destination for those looking to experience the original side of Cambodia. With its rich history, dynamic arts scene, and beautiful realistic surroundings, it is a town that really has something for everyone.

FAQs About Cambodia

Q. Is Cambodia safe for Americans to travel?

Cambodia is normally considered safe for travelers, including Americans. Travelers should be aware of the crime associated with pickpocketing, stealing, and other forms of petty crime, as well as other risks.

When visiting a foreign nation, it is savvy to proceed with caution and adopt regular safety actions. This entails being aware of your surroundings, refraining from taking a lot of cash, and keeping an eye on any valuables you may have.

It’s a good idea to enquire about any travel warnings or security issues with the U.S. Department of State or the embassy of your nation in Cambodia before leaving.

Q. Is Cambodia friendly to the USA?

Cambodia and the US have had diplomatic connections for many years, and in recent years, the connection between the two countries has improved remarkably.

As for the Cambodian people, they are normally friendly and welcoming to tourists from all countries, including the United States. Cambodians are also known for their hospitality and warmth towards visitors, and many Americans who have visited Cambodia have had positive experiences.

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