Honeymoon to New Zealand 2022 – Complete Guide

Honeymoon to New Zealand – The small country discovered deep in the southwest Pacific Ocean presents a chance to encounter a wild coastline, uncut peak regions, and stunning waterfalls and glaciers, among other specialties. Natural beauty and friendly locals all contribute to New Zealand’s attraction. You can make this your top honeymoon destination at any time of year.

On your New Zealand honeymoon trip, you will not be dissatisfied by the stunning landscapes, untouched beaches, and peaceful lakes. Instead, it delivers an amazing break as well as romantic beats with your partner. In this article, we will talk about the best New Zealand Honeymoon Resorts, the best places to visit in New Zealand, etc.

Best places to Honeymoon in New Zealand

Are you peeking for the most romantic honeymoon destinations in New Zealand? The spot is home to an overload of such outings that will certainly make your honeymoon one recognize.

Yes, the list is long, and the decision is challenging. So, to make things more comfortable for you honeymooners, we’ve gathered a list of the top honeymoon destinations in New Zealand. Here is some best Honeymoon to New Zealand Locations.

1. Auckland: The Best City Life

Auckland is consumer heaven, with all the things from high-end designer wear to open street markets. An overload of various cafes, amazing restaurants, and occurring night bars add to the New Zealand honeymoon experience. You can also relish the thrilling things to do in Auckland to completely explore the city!

Things to do in Auckland:

  • Gold and Black sand beaches
  • Two sparkling harbours, night bars, street markets
2. Hobbiton In Matamata

The Hobbiton Movie theatre in Matamata district, about a 2-hour drive from Auckland, permits visitors to share the beautiful Shire and the Hobbit globe. Though there is a numeral of other farmstead stay possibilities in the area, the Shire and Hobbiton Movie Set delivers the ideal environment for a New Zealand honeymoon.

Things to do in Hobbiton:

  • The beautiful Shire and the Hobbit globe
3. Bay of Island

The Bay of Islands, one of New Zealand’s most famous couples attractions, is a heaven for sailing boats and yachts. It is a necklace decorated with pearls from 144 islands.

Kayak along the coast, walk the island trails, comfort in hidden coves, and find unspoiled forests. A famous fishing area due to large marine life such as whales, big marlin, dolphins, and penguins. All of this creates the area an excellent tourist goal in New Zealand.

Things to do in Bay of Island:

  • Sailing Boat and Yachting
  • Chance to encounter dolphins, whales, penguins and big marlin
4. Milford Sound

You can say that – Milford Sound called “Eighth Wonder of the World” by Rudyard Kipling, stays on the list of New Zealand honeymoon destinations.

Its landscapes are spectacular, covered by glaciers. The most useful way to see the site is by boat. On a cruise, you can see the amazing and beautiful waterfalls and nature in the area. If you like, you can actually go on a kayaking tour.

If you’ve had sufficient of explore the water, you can go under it with a holiday to the Milford Discovery Centre and Underwater lab. This is New Zealand’s only underwater observatory. You can move 30 feet deep into the water and witness the underwater world from every angle.

Things to do in Milford Island:

  • Gorgeous waterfalls and amazing wildlife
  • The underwater adventure at the Milford Discovery Centre
5. West Coast Of South Island

The wild, lush, and untouched West Coast of South Island must be on your checklist of honeymoon destinations in New Zealand. It is an excellent location for exploring, locating new adventures, and making your honeymoon special.

6. Queenstown New Zealand Honeymoon

Its the country’s adventure capital and is one of New Zealand’s leading tourist destinations. Jet boating, Bungee jumping, paragliding, white-water rafting, downhill skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking are just a rare of the adrenaline-pumping sports activities known at this top New Zealand tourist attraction.

Things to do in Queenstown:

  • Bungee Jumping, mountain biking, jet boating, etc
7. Dunedin: Nature’s Delight

Among New Zealand’s unrealistic destinations, Dunedin stands getaway for its one-of-a-kind qualities discovery adventure with penguins and albatross. These spirit tours will allow you to restore the fantasy on your honeymoon in New Zealand.

Things to do in Dunedin:

  • Don’t miss the chance to see the penguins and albatross
8. Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park’s extensive stretch is a hiker’s fantasy come true. This national park’s location is wildlife with weathered rock buildings. The Tasman Coast Trek is the cherry on top.

Explicit beaches and sparkling water attract visitors. Snorkelling, hiking, trekking, camping, or simply relaxing are all options. Sightings of occasional birds such as blue penguins, wekas, wood pigeons, and oystercatchers can also brighten a photographer’s day.

Things to do in Abel Tasman National Park:

  • Unknown bird sightings
  • Weathered rock builds.
  • Break Apple Rock – a massive granite boulder joined in two.

Best Resorts to stay in New Zealand for your honeymoon

We’ve gathered a list of the best romantic hotels in New Zealand. With stunning views, relaxing spa baths, comfy fireplaces, and a quantity of solitude, these idyllic resorts have everything you require for an amazing romantic getaway in New Zealand.

1. Annandale Scrubby Bay

Those peeking for a postcard-decent resort to catch postcard-like rememberings should look no different than Annandale Scrubby Bay. This hotel is known for its seaside charm and suggests a farm-like experience.

Dolphin tales, 4WD tours, biking, and other actions strike an excellent balance between spirit, adventure, and luxury. Annandale Scrubby Bay is one of New Zealand’s amenity resorts, blending five-star services with the sense of a rural lifestyle.

2. Paihia Beach Resort & Spa

Paihia Beach Resort is flawless heaven discovered in the heart of Paihia – the attractive seaside town. It is just a pebble throw away from the stunning Te Tii beach. Paihia Beach Resort concentrates on the comfort of its visitors and covers them in luxury like no other.

Be it the grand pool, the fine dining cafeterias of Provenir, the comfortable rooms, or the stunning vistas. One cannot support but feel spoilt for preference at Paihia Beach Resort & Spa, one of the best New Zealand Honeymoon resorts.

3. Millbrook Resort

Millbrook Resort is the best New Zealand hotel for honeymoon couples peeking to get away from the rush of the city and spend some quality time together in peace.

The resort has its own vital course for golf fans, as well as splendid accommodation choices with grand sights, and suggests exercises such as peak biking, spa and yoga skills, and more.

4. Warblers Retreat, Auckland

New Zealand Honeymoon Resorts – Stay at the lovely Warblers Retreat, a luxury nature-based resort just above Auckland, to acquire away from the city crowds. Made with couples in mind and enveloped by lush greenery, you’ll feel immediately at ease.

5. Plume Villas, Auckland

Plume Villas is a peaceful vineyard retreat an hour from Auckland, including 12 private villas, a basement door, and a world-class cafe, all prepared to provide an outstanding romantic getaway with laid-back country style.

When is the best time to visit New Zealand?

The summer months of December to March are perfect for visiting New Zealand, with long, cheerful, sunny days and temperatures varying from 17°C to 24°C. They are perfect for visiting the beautiful beaches or experiencing the countless outdoor activities available, such as mountain biking and hiking.

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