Honeymoon in Bali Indonesia 2024 – Complete Guide

Are you preparing for a honeymoon in Bali? You’ve arrived at the right place.

Heaven on earth” is the best word for honeymoon couples use to describe Bali. In fact, it’s impossible to explain the beauty seen in this small corner of the world.

Many people dream of going on their honeymoon in Bali.

Bali, a beautiful place in Indonesia, is at the top of everyone’s must-visit list for a good reason. It’s a perfect getaway from the busy city life and fast-food restaurants. Once you’re there, you won’t want to leave.

Bali can provide everything you want in the world, whether it’s happiness, romance, adventure, or excitement.

People who live there believe that the island offers plenty of whatever you’re looking for. Whether you’re planning a Bali vacation or a special honeymoon, Bali has everything you need.

Why should you spend your honeymoon in Bali Indonesia?

Wedding season is too hectic, whether a few months or a year, and your whole family definitely wants to be a part of it. Controlling chaos, nerves, and excitement at the exact time can be incredibly stressful.

Your honeymoon in Bali Indonesia is the perfect time to get away from it all with your wife or husband, your one true love. Bali is one of the earth’s top honeymoons, most importantly, for lovers’ goals. A honeymoon in Bali really has it all: an awesome location, unique experiences, and memories to last a lifetime.

The Best Places to Visit on Your Honeymoon in Bali

The wedding preparation and all the task done at a wedding is really hectic in between I don’t think you all will get the chance to think about the Honeymoon Places in Bali.

To give you a better idea and resolve your tension to visit where in Bali. I have prepared the best places in Bali to explore in your honeymoon 2024.

The list below will keep everyone happy and memorable honeymoon in Bali.

1. Seminyak

Seminyak - Honeymoon in Bali
Seminyak – Honeymoon in Bali | Image Source – Link

In Seminyak, you will catch the Cafes, adorable boutiques, and gorgeous villas.

The period will fly by on your ideal honeymoon in Bali as you both relax beneath the sun, absorbing those Bali rays.

Seminyak is the best place for day trips to the Nusa islands because it is the main to everything.

Things To Do In Seminyak:

  • Scuba diving
  • Amazing beach bars

2. Uluwatu

Uluwatu is a great place after the weddings and it’s the second spot on our list of places to see in Bali.

It has a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. You can enjoy some quality time on the private beaches of Suluban and Balangan, which are two of the most beautiful spots in Bali.

During your honeymoon in Bali, you can relax by the Forever pool and watch the ocean at Hotel Alila.

You should also check out the unique Kecak fire dance for some entertainment. Uluwatu is definitely one of the best places to visit in Bali for a honeymoon.

Things to do in Uluwatu Bali:

  • The amazing feeling after visiting the Uluwatu Temple.
  • Follow the Saturday Night Party at the most incredible Padang Beach to see Kekac Dance

3. Kuta

Kuta Beach Bali
Kuta Beach Bali

When you and your love visit the community markets in Kuta and relish the fantastic nightlife, you will be in action.

On your Honeymoon to Bali Indonesia, visit the Tanah Lot temple, which is straddled by a rock covered by the sea.

Between the months of May and September, get an adorable adventure with your love by watching the baby turtles into the sea.

Kuta will certainly be one of the most unique places to visit in Bali for a honeymoon.

Things to do in Kuta:

  • Snorkeling
  • Dream Museum Zone
  • Kuta Theatre hosts artistic performances

4. Waterfalls Git Git

If you and your partner want to escape the crowds and experience traditional Balinese life, consider going to the quiet colonial village of Lovina.

You can relax at the nearby Banjar hot springs and then venture into the rainforest to discover the stunning Git Git waterfalls.

Lovina is a great place for a honeymoon in Bali. You can watch skilled weavers creating beautiful Ikat and Silk items.

If you’re searching for honeymoon destinations in Bali, Indonesia, you don’t need to look any further.

Things to do in:

  • Take a refreshing shower under the waterfall.
  • Dolphins can be caught at Lovina Beach.

5. Ubud

ubud - Honeymoon in Bali 2024
Honeymoon in Bali Ubud 2024

To start your honeymoon in Bali on a high note, I suggest heading straight for the cliffs to an Ubud hideaway. In this lovely town, you will be covered by serene palm trees, spectacular rice terraces, and a spiritual aura.

Things To Do In Ubud:

  • Go for the Royal Palace
  • Analyze the Rice terrace fields
  • See the Monkey Forest

Best Resorts in Bali for Honeymoon 2024

You’ve always wanted to go on a lavish Honeymoon to Bali Indonesia, and this is your one possibility to have the romantic departure you both deserve.

Whether at resort treatments, restaurants, or beach clubs, the hotel is what you’ll recognize most about travel, so get it right!

When it arrives at luxury, Bali does close their ears – no one does high-end service, especially like the Balinese. This is your opportunity to truly encounter some of Bali’s best hotels!

1. The Edge, Uluwatu

The Edge Resort - Honeymoon in Bali
Image Source – Link | The Best Resort in Bali

The Edge in Uluwatu has really captured our hearts.

This luxury villa resort, which swings instantly on the edge of a 530ft limestone cliff, pampers you with breathtaking views that start at the Indian Ocean’s seaside and extend all the way to the very border of the world.

You will just love taking photos, you won’t be capable of opposing taking magazine-decent shots from every curve of this property – ideal for placing your dream honeymoon in Bali.

2. Mandapa

Mandapa is a little group tour of an antique Balinese hamlet near the Ayung River in Bali’s artistic and spiritual heart.

The hotel delivers a sensorial trip through the beauty of nature and health.

Mandapa is the flawless honeymoon destination, found where the thick jungle meets the temple tower and Ayung River.

3. The Samata Sanur

Bali Honeymoon resort
Bali Honeymoon resort

It is a Sanur luxury villa resort designed for health-intended guests. The Samata Sanur produces a location in which you can enhance your lifestyle balance through sports, exercise, nutritious food, and total peace.

The luxury pool villas with your special and watch out for the nearby stunning look of the Indian Ocean is just an amazing experience.

4. The Mulia, Nusa Dua

One of our famous and most choice hotel picks for a Bali honeymoon is The Mulia, which is secreted away in an entire area of Nusa Dua, a shelter for luxurious resorts.

A 5-star resort that represents luxury, delivering world-class comforts as well as unmatched service and awareness of detail.

We ensure that whether you select suites, quiet villas, or luxury rooms, you will be well-accepted care of here.

5. Hanging Gardens of Bali, Ubud

This 5-star resort is famous for its gorgeous main pool, which sits dramatically above jungle treetops and presents incredible views.

The hotel shows a peaceful rainforest departure in a remote location about 30 minutes from Ubud, with a luxurious spa and dining choices ranging from an on-site cafe, bar, and cafe to romantic private dining experiences.

The list of Best Hotels in Bali for a Honeymoon is given above take a look and select according to your budget.

Best Beaches in Bali for Honeymoon 2024

The beautiful Bali has some incredibly amazing beaches that you can’t believe they exist. Some are hidden and not easy to locate, while others have lively bars, restaurants, and water activities.

Bali has a variety of beaches, each unique. Whether you want to surf or simply relax with a book, keep reading to discover the top beaches in Bali.

1. Blue Point Beach

Blue Point Beach, also known as Suluban Beach, is a secret spot in Pecatu, close to Uluwatu, hiding behind some rough rocks.

Getting there might feel like a challenging adventure, as you have to use steps and log ramps to cross small gaps in the rocks before you reach the sandy shore.

However, these obstacles add excitement to your journey, making it even more enjoyable when you finally dribble into the water.

2. Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu Beach in Bali is a famous spot for surfers. It’s located at the very bottom of the island on the Bukit peninsula.

The area got the name Uluwatu from the well-known temple on a cliff’s edge. In Bali, visiting Uluwatu Temple and watching the Kayak show during sunset is a must.

Just be careful of the naughty monkeys that like to take sunglasses and phones.

People from all over the world come here to surf the waves. But reaching the beach can be tough.

You need to walk down a long and steep set of stairs to get to Uluwatu and other beaches in the area.

It also gives you a good experience while walking and doing romance with your love.

3. Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach
Bingin Beach

There’s a beautiful beach called Bingin below some tall rocks on the Bukit Peninsula. But it’s kind of like a hidden treasure because it’s not easy to find.

To reach Bingin, you have to be guided through a bunch of narrow streets and stop at a few guesthouses and local eateries.

Before you reach the place where you can park your motorbike. You can’t bring cars here, so you have to either ride a bike or walk.

Eventually, you’ll come across some winding stairs that lead down to the beach.

Not many people go there because it’s quite tricky to reach, which is perfect if you want a Bali beach without lots of rowdy tourists.

Even though Bingin is small and not easy to access, there are still plenty of guesthouses, bars, and shops, especially for surfers.

That’s because the challenging waves here are what first attracted tourists to the area.

4. Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach in Bali is so stunning that it seems like a picture. It’s located on the eastern part of Nusa Penida and is a long, new stretch of white sand.

In the past, you could only see it from above, where you could respect the clear blue water, palm trees, and tall limestone cliffs.

However, the local people have created a pathway in the rocks that allows you to walk right down to the beach.

5. Puyung Beach

Puyung Beach is a hidden gem on Nusa Penida Island. It has soothing water, soft sand, and a rocky area not far from the famous Crystal Bay.

If you want to swim, remember to bring water shoes.

Not many tourists know about this quiet spot, so you can almost have it all to yourself.

To reach Puyung Beach from Pasih Andus, you’ll need to follow a path through trees and fields. It takes about 20 minutes, and it’s best to go with a local guide.

Once you arrive, you can enjoy the beautiful rugged scenery of Penida while looking out at the turquoise ocean.

Best Bali Restaurants to Visit 2024

Apart from its honeymoon beaches and hotels, Bali is also known for its delicious cuisines, with hundreds of local and global dishes on the menus of its different restaurants.

The dining facilities in the volcanic island city deliver the perfect setting for any event.

These restaurants show everything you need to want a romantic candlelight feed or to honor special occasions with your loved ones.

All of the cafes and retro on the island of Bali are unique in their own way.

1. Bikini Restaurant

Bikni Resort in Bali
Bikini Restaurant | Image Source – Link

In the most modern city of Seminyak, it’s only genuine that you visit the most stylish restaurant in town. A dinner at Bikini is like hearing about the most important feast party of the year.

You’ll be astonished at how fast you become friends with the whole Bikini team.

I also suggest choosing the “Feed Me” option, in which the chef selects your order shown on your selections. It’s light, fun, and a fabulous way to start the night.

2. Finns Beach Club Restaurant

The menu, like most in Bali, features straightforward Indonesian food with a flawless blend of indigenous, international, and a mixture of cuisine, including a devoted Sushi Bar.

Also, people loved the grilled squid with Szechuan pepper and salt, chicken branches with barbecue frost, and the fish basket with beer-battered snapper filled with tartar dressing are all highlights on the menu at Finns Beach Club.

3. Watercress Cafe

Begin your day off right with a friendly and stimulating breakfast attended by a cup of coffee or hot tea.

We have friendly quiches, sushi, lasagna, and salads for lunch, as well as sandwiches and burgers from the a la carte menu.

4. Bali Asli restaurant (Karangasem)

Bali Asli Restaurant | Image Credit – Tripadvisor

The food is basically cooked in classic Balinese style on a timber fire, and mud brick stoves which permit the taste to blossom and reach full capacity.

Original Balinese herbs are used to accentuate the dishes. Balinese cooking lessons are also collected here to elevate the cuisine.

5. Sardine, Seminyak Region

The cafeteria menu is equally fascinating, as they use only organic crops from Bali’s organic garden in Bedugul village. The furniture is well-created and equipped with bamboo logs, and it is completely comfortable enough with a stylish design.

Therefore the restaurant’s food menu is not fixed and varies daily, relying heavily on the components available from the produce in the organic garden.

Fun things to do in Bali Indonesia as a Couple

There are so many fun things to do in Bali Indonesia that meet the requirements of adventurers, lovers honeymooners, and families. The things listed below make the plan according to it.

1. Blue Lagoon is famous for Snorkeling

Blue Lagoon Snorkeling
Snorkeling – Fun things to do in Bali Indonesia

Oceanic sports, particularly snorkeling options where you can spot huge turtles and coral, are among the most famous things to do in Bali.

Don’t give up the chance to explore the aquatic world at Blue Lagoon, which is located near Padang Bay.

Guide to the seaside port town in East Bali, where many boats and ferries leave for Lombok, and the Gili Islands are the best Bali Things to do in 2024.

Forget the island bouncing and run straight to Blue Lagoon for a daytime of snorkeling, swimming, and taking infinite underwater photos for memories.

2. Bali Water Park

This is definitely on the list of romantic things to do in Bali. If you enjoy having pleasure as a couple. You can almost spend your whole day at this waterpark and enjoy the fantastic rides.

It’s been called Asia’s most promising and enjoyable waterpark. It is the best thing to do in Bali Honeymoon.

Here you laughed, shouted down slides, took videos for more memorization, and sailed down the lazy river together.

Everyone’s meaning of romance is different, and enjoying this romantic park with love is an amazing experience.

The Bali people are some of the nicest people on the globe.

3. Lempuyang Temple – Gate of Heaven

Make your path to Bali’s “Gates of Heaven,” one of the most amazing locations to visit in Bali, for some of the most fantastic views of Mount Agung volcano.

To get to the doors, take a getaway of stone efforts up to the top, where the entrances are found at the hoof of a rock temple.

As you perish through the gates, the sky and mountains rise into the space, creating a stunning backdrop.

The temple, officially understood as Pura Luhur Lempuyang, is one of the most sacred in Bali and has been since 91 AD.

4. Bali Bird Park

For bird lovers, the Bali Bird Park houses over 1,100 winged creatures — don’t ignore your binoculars.

With a strong focus on wildlife conservation. The park traverses a large area and is split into 7 distinct areas that imitate the wild environments of different species.

There are birds from all over the planet at the wonderland, including South Africa, Borneo, Papua, Java, and Bali, and shows are scheduled consequently.

See the Owl House see the lovely Barred Eagle Owl with its soft ears.

5. Hike Up Mount Batur

It is not the most romantic activity for some couples. But I agree that biological experience and activity can be splendid bonding experiences.

In any circumstance, the morning views from this volcano were spectacular. I’ve forever liked to hike up a volcano, and the thoughts will live with me permanently.

It’s a romantic and Fun thing to do in Bali Indonesia that I suggest all partners do on a trip to Bali.


Q: Which part of Bali is the most expensive?

In Bali, the southern part is usually more expensive because it’s near the airport and some of the best beaches.
Central Bali has a good balance of price and closeness to attractions. If you enjoy nature, believe in staying in Ubud, and if you prefer beaches, Canggu is a great choice.

Q: Is Bali cheaper than the Maldives?

Yes, Bali is cheaper to visit than the Maldives. In Bali, you can find places to stay that cost as little as $20 per night, or you can select more expensive options that go up to $1000 per night or even more.
Not only is accommodation cheaper in Bali, but the food and activities there are also quite affordable.

Q: Which is better for Honeymoon Bali or Thailand? [12 Reason]

The perfect honeymoon planning will give you cherished memories that will be unforgettable for a lifetime. Bali and Thailand, the Countries are both amazing in themselves.
To know all the 12 reasons – visit Bali vs Thailand

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