15 Fun things to do in Bali Indonesia as a Couple

Bali has been a mega trip destination since the 1960s, popular for its island’s romantic vibes, beaches, and epic surf and snorkeling that all come in Fun things to do in Bali Indonesia.

Explore the past, rich culture, and fascinating past of the amazing island known as the Island of a Thousand Temples. Spend one day temple hopping, gliding sanctuaries, and taking in the city’s favorite complexes, and sanctums devoted to gods and goddesses.

Some amazing facts about Bali, Indonesia

  • In Bali 1 Year = 210 days.
  • Bali is made of four islands.

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Some of the Best things to do in Bali Indonesia

There are so many fun things to do in Bali Indonesia that fulfill the requirements of adventurers, lovers honeymooners, yogis, and families. The things listed below make the plan according to it.

1. Blue Lagoon is famous for Snorkeling

Snorkeling - Fun things to do in Bali Indonesia

Oceanic sports, especially snorkelling options where you can spot huge turtles and coral, are among the most famous things to do in Bali.

Don’t give up the chance to explore the aquatic world at Blue Lagoon, which is discovered near Padang Bay.

Guide to the coastal port town in East Bali, where many boats and ferries leave for Lombok, and the Gili Islands are the best Bali Things to do.

Forget the island bouncing and run straight to Blue Lagoon for a daytime of snorkeling, swimming, and taking infinite underwater photos for memories.

2. Catch a board and Go for Surfing

Bali Indonesia has some of the most pleasing surf in Southeast Asia, and surfers from all across the globe travel there to feel its epic waves.

The isle is sprinkled with incredible beachfront, each with its collection of surf conditions.

If you’re discovering surf, head to Medewi Beach. Also check out Suluban Beach or Beach for seasoned surfers.

The Bukit Peninsula, found at Kuta’s southernmost particular, is home to the renowned Uluwatu.

While surfing in Uluwatu, see magic Nyang Nyang Beach for great waves and Padang Beach for large barrels.

3. Lempuyang Temple – Gate of Heaven

Lempuyang Temple – Gate of Heaven - fun things to do in Bali

Make your path to Bali’s “Gates of Heaven,” one of the most amazing locations to visit in Bali, for some of the most fantastic views of Mount Agung volcano.

To get to the entrances, take a getaway of stone efforts up to the top, where the entrances are found at the hoof of a rock temple.

As you perish through the gates, the sky and mountains extend into the space, creating a stunning backdrop.

The temple, officially understood as Pura Luhur Lempuyang, is one of the most sacred in Bali and has been since 91 AD.

4. Enjoy River Rafting

Peeking to get your soul pumping? Try a thrilling river rafting expedition in Bali.

The wild landscape of the island is loaded with waterfalls, and rivers, but 3 major rivers in Bali deliver ideal requirements for white moisture rafting.

Beginning with the Ayung River, produce your way down 10 kilometers in 2 hours.

Rafting on the Ayung River is appropriate for both beginner and professional rafters. However, during the showery season, the path becomes more challenging due to more elevated water levels.

If you want something more difficult, the Telaga Waja River has 18 kilometers of white rafting fun things to do in Bali Indonesia, and takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete.

5. Visit Tanah Lot

It has been revered as a religious site since the 17th century. When it was made by Dang Hyang Nirartha, a major spiritual enthusiast at the time.

Dang Hyang chose this typical place for the temple, straddled by rocks past the ocean, to celebrate Varuna.

To guard the stone formation on which the temple is made, the sea god gathered up a deadly snake, according to mythology.

The snake is stated to still live at the base of the small island’s beaches, watching Tanah Lot from evil.

The sea shrine is a portion of a temple complex that forms on land and guides to the sea shrine.

6. Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes - fun things to do in Bali Indonesia

Individuals from all over the globe visit Indo, especially Bali, for its yoga classes, and wellness monasteries, which have an unbelievable selection.

It’s an excellent place to relax, and chill.

Reserve a class, or a holiday at The Yoga in Ubud, one of the isle authentic yoga studios.

Desa Seni, which is also discovered in Canggu, has a better hippy vibe and proposes workshops, and personal classes, as well as resorts.

7. Witness a Kecak dance

The Kecak Dance, one of Bali’s old version of arts, is believed to have developed as a ritual approach to banishing evil spirits via the state of dance.

Observe a definitive Kecak dance routine in Bali today, which still marks the movement and energy of dance. But has been driven into a choreographed show attended by live music.

This dance performance is always held in an open-air theatre and begins shortly before sunset.

Because the show takes place outside, it creates an authentic atmosphere with only natural backdrops surrounding you.

As dusk falls, bamboo candle torches illuminate the space, and some shows conclude with a traditional fire dance.

8. Nusa Penida

It has the most stunning wild attractions of any of the 3 Nusa islands. You will do Fun things to do in Bali Indonesia – Nusa Penida.

Head directly to Kelingking Beach, where the renowned T-Rex-shaped peak can be seen on the Instagram feeds of most trip influencers.

Also, Peguyangan Waterfall on Nusa Penida cascades directly into the ocean and is made up of a string of small falls.

Seganing Waterfall, also on Penida, is seen in the same location. However, the birth wonders do not cease there.

Also, you can see another one of Bali’s most photoed hidden places at Tembeling Beach and Forest. Moreover, here 2 beach rock pools sit off the beach and the colour of their waters is just dreamy.

9. Bali Water Park

This is certainly on the list of romantic things to do in Bali. If you enjoy having pleasure as a couple. You can almost spend your whole day at this waterpark and enjoy the fantastic rides.

It’s been called Asia’s most promising and enjoyable waterpark. It is the best things to do in Bali Honeymoon.

Here you laughed, shouted down slides, took videos for more memorization, and floated down the sluggish river together.

Everyone’s meaning of romance is distinct, and enjoying this romantic park with love is an amazing experience.

The Bali people are some of the friendliest people on the globe.

10. Potato Head Beach Club

It is one of the renowned beach clubs in Bali, and one of the favorite places for honeymoon in Bali for couples in general.

For starters, it’s named Potato Head Beach Club, which is illuminated. It delivers a grand experience with lovely food and beverages, service, and views.

11. Delicious food tour

Some of Indonesia’s most renowned dishes, such as Nasi Goreng and chicken satay, have achieved global distinction.

During a nutrition tour in Bali, you can select between a full-day or culinary adventure.

If you intend to spend the whole day on a foodie tour, intercept local villages and rice areas to know about rice cultivation.

See a coconut farm to pick fresh coconuts and sample coffee and comprehend traditional Indonesian coffee, Kopi Luwak.

Choose a personal cooking class in the middle of the woods in Ubud during a day trip.

12. Hike Up Mount Batur

It is not the most romantic activity for some couples. But I agree that biological experience and activity can be splendid bonding experiences.

In any circumstance, the morning views from this volcano were spectacular. I’ve forever liked to hike up a volcano, and the thoughts will live with me permanently.

It’s a romantic and Fun thing to do in Bali Indonesia that I suggest all partners do on a trip to Bali.

13. West Bali National Park

This is the daytime trip for you if you appreciate finding animals, catching beautiful scenery, and living in nature.

Partners love West Bali National Park because of its dramatic mountain range, dense green forests, clear blue water, and vast distances of spotless beaches.

This area is attractive because it is slightly less touristy and better for “made for couples.” and the best things to do in Bali Honeymoon.

You’ll likely find beaches that are hidden and make you sense as if you’ve run to your small island.

14. Go Horse Riding

You accomplish have to be an equestrian to appreciate horseback riding in Bali. The isle’s wild beauty makes for an amazing riding experience.

Rather than jogging about a ring or field, lead into the wilderness for a stunning horse ride to Kanto Waterfall.

Grab a romantic horseback ride across Beach for a classic Balinese experience.

Some rides need you to travel to more than one place… Ride via rice paddies before reaching Canggu’s coast just in terms of sunset.

This horseback riding outing is perfect for honeymoon couples.

Horseback riding in Bali is suitable for both children and adults. But match with your tour guide before booking.

15. Bali Bird Park

For bird lovers, the Bali Bird Park is house over 1,100 winged creatures — don’t ignore your binoculars.

With a powerful focus on wildlife protection. The park traverses a large area and is split into 7 distinct areas that imitate the wild environments of different species.

There are birds from all over the planet at the wonderland, including South Africa, Borneo, Papua, Java, and Bali, and shows are scheduled consequently.

See the Owl House see the lovely Barred Eagle Owl with its soft ears.

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