12 Best Things to Do in Florida for Adults 2024

Best Things to Do in Florida – In Florida, almost everything is possible. The beautiful state is the residence of both natural and man-made wonders, as well as theme parks, and garnish cities.

There is something for every kind of visitor in the “beautiful State,” from running on roller coasters at a theme park to enjoying kayaking via mangrove forests to playing golf on Marco Island.

This East Coast Florida wonderland is a real holiday champion when sun-bleached, soft sandy beaches, etc.

Read our checklist of the best things to do in Florida Pensacola and plan an exciting getaway.

1. Walt Disney World, Orlando

Walt Disney World, Orlando - things to do in Florida USA
Image Credit – The Telegraph

The Magic House at Walt Disney World is the top family attraction in Florida. Your kids will definitely believe in magic after finishing a daytime at this famous Orlando attraction.

This huge theme park revives the child in all of us, whether it’s via a journey to Cinderella’s castle, encountering their famous characters, or bringing an exciting ride on Space Mountain. The fun things to do in Florida Orlando.

2. Day Trip to Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens in Tampa is the best tourist attraction in Florida. It is slightly distinct from the other places because it counts unique animal displays and realistic pieces from our world.

Including a ride on the train through a reenacted Serengeti. It’s like an animal zoo on steroids, Busch Gardens. The best things to do in Florida Tampa.

This wildlife heaven houses more than 250 species and shows up-intimate animal meetings.

Ever desired to get near a sloth? Believe touching one. By planning a 20-minute sloth meeting, you can achieve both in 20 minutes.

For up-close meetings with creatures like elephants, rhinos, penguins, and cheetahs, among others, a certain key is even delivered.

3. SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando  - things to do in Florida
Image Credit – aRes Travel

SeaWorld Orlando is popular for its animal concerts, but tourists also love this famous attraction for its thrills.

There is something for every type of ride lover, from soft yarns like Slimey’s Slider and Elmo’s Choo Choo Train in Sesame Street Land to better heart-pounding adventures on Manta.

To check off your day, jump on a Flamingo Paddle Boat, and allow the children to lose at Rubber Duckie Waterworks. Take the entire family on a lift on the Sea Carousel.

After that, scour the multiple animal exhibits, which have a devilfish ray aquarium, Penguin habitat, etc. The best things to do in Florida Orlando.

4. Kayaking in the Mangroves

Kayaking in the Mangroves - things to do in Florida
Image Credit – Viator

The adventure of kayaking through mangrove underpasses is supernatural. Daylight filters via the lush trees that line the canal. Before it strikes your paddle, boat, and the transparent water down.

Its rays burst and spread. You can catch a crank, egret, or dark heron if you examine it closely. This is an incredible chance to visit one of Florida’s most exceptional ecosystems and visit a vast assortment of wildlife, both above and under the water.

Another perfect place for this adventure is Sarasota.

South Lido Park and Ted Sterling Park are two areas where you can discover sensual mangroves in this area. Lido Key, a barricade isle off Sarasota, is the place of both.

5. Amelia Island for Golf

Amelia Island, a garden for the rich, has an amazing choice of eateries, stores, and golf lessons. It’s not unexpected that the bulk of the island’s golf lessons are costly and numerous are remote given its increased-end clientele.

Yet, anyone can recreate it at the 19-hole Royal Amelia Golf Course on Buccaneer Trail.

There are 28 holes on the course at Fernandina Beach Golf Course, where you can enjoy.

Golf fans should begin their game at Long Point, the lodge championship course.

The Omni Amelia Island Resort’s guests can prepare a tee time daylight in advancement, though it is only available to Amelia Island Club partners.

6. Daytona Speedway

Daytona Speedway - things to do in Florida Keys
Image Credit – FOX Weather

Daytona Beach is your site if you appreciate the cars and the beach, particularly those that accelerate fast.

You can discover the perfect shallow along the 25 miles of beachfront that bar the Atlantic Coast. In some areas, bringing the perfect sand patch can be accomplished by going there.

Just move to your site, move a brief distance, and drop in without including to have all of your shore equipment.

There is no speed limitation at the Daytona Speedway, but you have to take care at the beach side it is a limit of 10 mph.

Grasp a taste to consume after a long day of sightseeing, maybe on the Ormond Loop or while chilling on the beach.

7. Fort Lauderdale: The things to do in Florida Key West

Glancing to update your summer cupboard with the most recent trends? Or maybe you need a new work skill for your focal wall? Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale is the only location where you find amazing things to go.

This pedestrian-sociable shopping avenue, which is streaked with exclusive and luxury stores and boutiques, is the perfect place to utilize your brand-unique platinum credit card.

After a long day of shopping, rejuvenate yourself with a tasty lunch on a balcony.

Expend some time public-watching as you abide over your coffee. Alternatively, if you finished the whole day at one of Fort Lauderdale’s gorgeous beaches, crown over to Las Olas Boulevard in the sunset to catch dinner when the roadway reaches life with individuals out for walks in the fast evening air.

8. Airboat Tour

Airboat Tour - things to do in Florida
Image Credit – The Family Vacation Guide

A ride on one of these unique boats is an adventure you won’t shortly forget and is the most thrilling method to enjoy Florida’s wild beauty.

Have you ever accomplished a doughnut on the water while cruising at 40 mph? It’s exciting and thrilling. The best things to do in Florida clearwater.

Riders of airboats are handled via a periodic wonderland house to the state’s most beloved animals and greenery as they dash via meandering waterways on a balanced-bottom boat powered by a gigantic plane engine.

Palm Beach, Crystal River, Everglades National Park, Lake Tohopekaliga and Biscayne Bay which is south of Orlando, are periodic of the most pleasing locations to organize a tour.

9. Snorkel in the Florida Keys

Image Credit – Google Images

It needs some work to reach Dry Tortugas Park because you can just get there by plane or boat. This heaven found 75 miles off the beach of Key West, suggests some of the finest snorkeling in the state.

The spotless location’s 5 to 10 feet of clear water is the perfect depth for newbies to acquire up close and intimate with some incredible marine life.

Professional divers have the unstoppable chance to dive or snorkel at night near Fort Jefferson’s old trench walls. At night, the vibrant fish become more docile and it is easier to obtain a close-up look at lots of different marine life. These are the best things to do in the Florida Keys.

10. Miami Beach: Best things to do in Miami

It is a must-see place for anyone touring Miami and is located on an island linked to the Florida continent by a number of bridges.

The Miami beach’s picture-excellent yellow sand and art beachfront designs have created it famous.

There are multiple cafes and resort along Ocean Drive, which extends along the coast and is very famous with tourists. You will definitely enjoy yourself with your wife there as well as your girlfriend.

11. Coral Castle

Edward Leedskalnin the man who created this beautiful stone sculpture single handily in 1923 – 1950.

Edward’s amazing accomplishment concerned carrying more than 1,200 tonnes of rock by himself.

Since the palace was made at night and in the clouds, Ed’s construction methods are always up for discussion among architects and scientists.

The castle is available every day, and the statue puzzle creates a trip there useful.

12. Fort Pickens

The biggest of 4 military forts built to defend Pensacola Bay and its yard, this hexagonal form is found on Pensacola Bay.

It was the best US fortress in the South that forces did not colonize during the Civil War.

The ground, which was in the process until 1947, is now totally open to the people and shows scheduled outings all year long.

The Gulf Islands nationwide park presents multiple camping opportunities and tourists are welcome to all 4 forts.

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