Best Snorkeling in BC (British Columbia)

Best Snorkeling in BC

The diving in British Columbia is among the best in the world. There are great opportunities to watch sea life and explore the underwater environment from the Vancouver coastlines north to the Sunshine Coast, and then to the islands of Vancouver Island.

Local operators provide help, experience, and advice, pulling on their knowledge and understanding of their location. Explore the many diving sites and dive safely!

Why Choose Snorkeling in British Columbia?

Best Snorkeling in British Columbia offers an exceptional and best experience. The crystal-clear waters, marine life, and stunning underwater landscapes make it a supreme choice for snorkelers.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced snorkeler, BC always has something for everyone to enjoy and make memories.

Best Snorkeling Places in British Columbia

Snorkeling is an activity that everyone wants to try once in a lifetime. If you are visiting British Columbia then you must visit these amazing places that are given below to explore the best snorkeling in BV.

1. Snorkelling in Campbell River, Vancouver Island

Snorkelling in Campbell River, Vancouver Island
Best Snorkeling in BC | Image Source – Link

Every fall, millions of salmon return to the British Columbia coast and the rivers where they were born.

Massive runs of salmon, including Chum, Coho, Steelhead, Chinook, and Pink salmon, travel up Vancouver Island’s Campbell River to their freshwater breeding grounds.

Wet suits are recommended since the Campbell River is not very warm, and the extra buoyancy permits the snorkeller to float high in the water and be raised over and around obstructions.

Splashing and diving will threaten the salmon away, but lying peacefully in the water and floating with the tide will not worry them.

Snorkeling is most excellent on sunny days, when the fish are more glorious in the sunshine, with their colors sparkling brightly.

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Snorkel with a partner for more fun on this natural adventure, and use common sense and good judgment.

Snorkeling in the river is refreshing and thrilling, and the rush of coming across a school of enormous tyee is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

One trip down the river is never enough, and the second run is generally more delightful since the comfort level is higher and you always see and hear something new.

Snorkeling trips are open from early July through mid-October. All equipment, expert training, and transportation are delivered by tour companies located in Campbell River.

2. Gabriola Island

Gabriola Island - Best Snorkeling in British Columbia
Gabriola Island | Image Credit – Tripadvisor

Gabriola Island, known as the “Isle of the Arts,” is home to scores of world-famous painters. The island has a beachfront, waterfront parks, and art showrooms, making it an excellent destination for art lovers.

However, the island is not just well-known for its innovative vibes, it is also a diver and snorkeler’s paradise.

The Drumbeg Provincial Park is the island’s snorkeling location, where adventurers may try their hand at snorkeling and enjoy the lovely aquatic life.

The island is about a 20-minute boat trip from Nanaimo and is part of British Columbia’s Gulf Islands.

3. Nanaimo Island Snorkeling

Nanaimo Island Snorkeling - Best Snorkeling in British Columbia
Nanaimo Island Snorkeling | Image Credit – Tripadvisor

Nanaimo is a grand urban center on the east coast of scenic Vancouver Island. Aside from that, this location is well-known for the wonderful experience of snorkeling with seals.

Nobody beats the unique experience of swimming with seals, whether you are a snorkeler or not. A ferry journey from here takes you to the beautiful Snake Island, which is located in the forest and is home to harbor seals.

4. Pam Rocks

Palm Rock Snorkeling - Best Snorkeling in BC
Palm Rock Snorkeling | Image Source – Link

Pam Rocks, located 1 km south of Anvil, is a sequence of rocks in the center of Howe Sound. This hidden gem is famed for snorkeling in Vancouver, and adventurous may even try Kayaking.

To begin your multi-activity adventure, venture from Horseshoe Bay and move towards the seal colony to enjoy the scenery and interact with these lovely creatures.

This place allows visitors to interact with Harbor seals and see them play and stay in their natural surroundings.

5. Mermaid Clove

Mermaid Clove Snorkeling
Mermaid Clove | Source Image – Link

Mermaid Cove is a scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming site on the Sunshine Coast near the community of Saltery Bay.

The Mermaid Cove Trail, which starts just outside the entrance to the local campsite near the bridge crossing over Park Creek and takes about 30 minutes to complete, is one access to the cove.

Mermaid Cove is a popular scuba diving location because the 10-foot depth makes the beginner explore and get used to it.

There are cold showers and pit toilets on the beach at Mermaid Cove.

Through the efforts of local dive enthusiasts, the Emerald Princess monument and wheelchair entrance ramp were installed at Mermaid Cove.

It might be one of the world’s few wheelchair-accessible scuba diving locations. The wheelchair-accessible ramp allows handicapped divers and swimmers timely access.

There is a changing room and shower facilities on-site to help snorkelers. During high tide, a handicapped access ramp for scuba divers is most useful.


Snorkeling in BC shows a unique chance to connect with wildlife and explore the hidden gems beneath the waves. You can make unforgettable memories in British Columbia’s underwater wonderland.

The Best spots for snorkeling will give you the best ever experience in snorkeling and also in many things such as exploring beaches, scuba diving, etc.

Make your holiday count and enjoy the natural beauty in British Columbia.

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