Best Place to Stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling

Bonaire is a beautiful island in the Caribbean known for its crystal-clear water and bright sea creatures. Snorkeling lovers really like it here.

Picking the best place to stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling can make your trip even better. In this article, we’ll guide you to the best places to stay on the island so you can have a great time snorkeling and enjoy your trip.

Best Places to Stay in Bonaire

Bonaire has lots of luxury places to stay for all kinds of travelers, whether you’re alone, with a partner, or with your family.

No matter what you like or how much money you have, there’s a Best Place to Stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling. Here are some of our best suggestions:

1. Beachfront Resorts

Image Source – Link | Beachfront Resorts in Bonaire

For the ultimate snorkeling experience, think of staying at one of Bonaire’s luxurious beachfront resorts. Its amazing accommodations offer direct access to the island’s best snorkeling spots.

Imagine waking up to the sound of gentle waves and dancing right into the crystal-clear waters overflowing with marine life.

2. Delfins Beach Resort

Delfins Beach Resort - Best Place to Stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling
Image Source – Link | Delfins Beach Resort

Delfins Beach Resort is a new hotel in Bonaire that delivers top-notch services and luxuries.

They have a 5-star dive training, a fantastic swimming pool, a kids’ pool, and a fun beach bar with palm trees around it. The hotel is right by its own man-made beach, so you can easily go for a swim.

You can choose from different stylish and spacious apartments with kitchens or opt to rent or buy one of their new and luxurious villas.

The Snorkeling adventure is not far away from the resort you can easily visit or book the trainer from the resort to give you a good snorkeling experience in Bonaire.

3. Harbour Village Beach Club

Harbour Village Bonaire is a flowery new resort on an island. It’s on a part of land that sticks out into the ocean, and it has a lovely private beach, lots of lovely plants, and clear blue water.

There’s also a home for boats with 60 spots for standard-sized boats and a unique spot for really big, fancy yachts.

This resort is part of a group called Small Luxury Hotels of the World, which suggests it’s really nice and famous with people who have fancy boats and lots of money.

It’s one of the Best Place to Stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling in 2024.

At Harbour Village Beach Club, they have really nice rooms that are decorated very fancy, and they come with certain things to make you feel pampered and give you a good snorkeling experience.

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4. Kas ChuChubi: Best Place to Stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling

This amazing resort opened in 2019 and is a great hideaway for couples or honeymooners on a budget and also gives you a snorkeling experience in that package.

You can stay in one of three luxury double rooms or a fully furnished studio apartment, which is a good place to start exploring the island.

Here you will have free breakfast at Kas ChuChubi, and it’s easy to get to downtown Kralendijk for shopping and eating out.

This is the only hotel on the island just for grown-ups, and it’s run with a lot of care by the owners, Philip and Marille Diphoorn, who really love taking care of their guests.

For those who want to explore the underwater world, the resort will give you a snorkeling professional who can take you to the fairy of marine life underwater.

5. Boutique Hotel Sonrisa

Boutique Hotel Sonrisa
Best Place to Stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling | Photo Source: Boutique Hotel Sonrisa

When you go on a holiday to Boutique Hotel Sonrisa in the Caribbean, you’ll certainly feel like you’re in the Caribbean.

The hotel is decorated with tropical plants, a beautiful pool, and colorful decorations that make the common areas and rooms look lively.

This hotel has only 10 suites, which is great if you’re an adult looking for a peaceful vacation. All the rooms are big, but the two apartments are special.

They have a fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom with two or three beds, a private terrace on the first floor, and a balcony with a view of the pool on the second floor.

The beach is also very near you can wake up early in the morning to enjoy the Snorkeling adventure here and explore the vibrant marine life.

6. SunRentals Bonaire Villas

SunRentals Bonaire Villas
Image Source – SunRentals Bonaire Villas | Best place to stay in Bonaire for snorkeling

The unique villa where you can stay on Bonaire might make you go “Wow!” And what’s even more incredible is that these luxurious standalone rooms don’t cost as much as you might think.

SunRentals Bonaire has lots of amazing options to choose from, like modern two-bedroom places to big six-bedroom mansions with multiple floors.

All of them come with either a private pool or a private dock that goes into the Caribbean Sea. Plus, they have fully furnished kitchens and really cool stuff. The attached pools are where you can practice swimming before going to the snorkeling.

If you book a private villa vacation with SunRentals, they also offer packages where you can rent a car and go diving.

They’ve also teamed up with Bonaire Private Liveaboards to offer yacht trips with a captain for 3 to 7 days.

7. Van der Valk Plaza Beach & Dive Resort

Once you see the fantastic pool at the Van der Valk Plaza Beach & Dive Resort, you won’t want to leave. The pool has really clear blue water, stunning views of the ocean, and tall palm trees on both sides.

When you stay here, you don’t have to worry about meals or transport because they’re all included in one package. You can eat at the Tipsy Seagull restaurant, which is by the coast and serves delicious food.

If you go diving or snorkeling, you can get a free lunchbox from Scubar. They also propose activities like kayaking and paddleboarding for free.

There are 126 luxury rooms to choose from, some right by the water and others near the marina. They have nice balconies where you can relax and watch the sunset.

The rooms are big, air-conditioned, and clean. You can also enjoy the secret beach, rent a bike, or go snorkeling to see the local marine life.

The Best Snorkeling Spots in Bonaire

Bonaire is famous for its beach snorkeling, which permits you to analyze vibrant coral reefs and discover colorful marine life just steps from the beach. Here are some must-visit snorkeling spots:

1. Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire - Best Snorkeling Spots in Bonaire
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bonaire | Image Source – Link

A short boat ride from Bonaire’s main island, Klein Bonaire gives you some of the most stunning snorkeling options. Crystal-clear waters and a wide range of marine species make this a snorkeler’s heaven.

2. Salt Pier

The Salt Pier is famous not only for its amazing underwater structure but also for the amazing marine life it hosts. Snorkel around the pier’s pillars and marvel at the world of fish and stunning coral formations.

Amazing experiences underwater will give you life-long memories to tell the younger ones in your family. So they can also start thinking about living a snorkeling experience.

3. Bari Reef

Bari Reef -Best Snorkeling Spots in Bonaire
Bari Reef -Best Snorkeling Spots in Bonaire

Bari Reef is one of the most convenient snorkeling sites, ideal for beginners and experienced snorkelers. You’ll discover parrotfish, angelfish, and even seahorses in this underwater wonderland.

4. Andrea I and II

These shipwrecks provide a fascinating snorkeling experience. Explore the sunken vessels and their surrounding marine ecosystems, home to a variety of fish species.

Always the shipwreck snorkeling experience will give you the feel of a horror story under the water.


Bonaire Island is the best secret of the Caribbean and offers a snorkeling experience like no other. The island’s various accommodations cater to all tastes and budgets, providing a comfortable and memorable stay.

As you analyze the underwater wonders of Bonaire, you’ll be fascinated by its rich coral reefs and enchanting marine life.

So, pack your snorkeling gear and explore the best place to stay in Bonaire for snorkeling. Your tropical heaven adventure is waiting.


Q: What is the best time to visit Bonaire for snorkeling?

The best time to visit Bonaire for snorkeling is from December to April. During this period, the waters are calm, and visibility is perfect, making it ideal for underwater adventures.

Q: Can I rent snorkeling equipment on the island?

Absolutely! Most accommodations and dive stores in Bonaire offer snorkeling gear rentals, providing you have all the required equipment for your snorkeling adventures.

Q: Are there snorkeling tours available in Bonaire?

Yes, Bonaire shows various snorkeling tours guided by experts who can take you to the best spots and provide valuable insights into marine life.

Q: Is snorkeling in Bonaire suitable for beginners?

Yes, Bonaire’s calm and surface waters make it an ideal destination for beginner snorkelers. You can start with easy beach snorkeling before going to more advanced sites.

Q: Can I see sea turtles while snorkeling in Bonaire?

Yes, Bonaire is known for its sea turtle population. You have a good chance of spotting these gentle giants while snorkeling, particularly in protected areas.

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