Best Lakes in Florida for vacation 2023

Florida’s smooth, golden beaches, golf courses, and famous amusement gardens or parks attract the bulk of visitors. Guests who are also blocked by the state’s stunning lakes are in for a real delight. Florida has better than 3 million acres of water with 20,000 lakes that vary in size from minute to massive that’s the reason we called it the Best Lakes in Florida for vacation.

The lakes in Florida are inherently stored with a mixture of fish, ebony crappie, and speckled roost. It completes the logic of why so many fishing lovers make a beeline for these crystal-clear water lakes.

Some Amazing fun facts about Florida, USA

  • Florida delivers more than 70% of the oranges to the country.
  • About 1,000 people shift to Florida each day to settle.

To appreciate everything that Florida’s top lakes suggest, you have to like driving live bait. Swimming, canoeing, windsurfing, and other water sports are some of the additional activities to do in Florida.

  1. Blue Cypress Lake
  2. Lake Okeechobee
  3. Lake Kissimmee
  4. Crescent Lake
  5. Lake Dora
  6. Lake Talquin
  7. Lake Eustis
  8. Lake Apopka

1. Blue Cypress Lake

Blue Cypress Lake, the biggest lake in Indian River County, is completely gorgeous. Extending their complex origins along the untouched shoreline, dangling cypress trees unfurl their units over the crystal water.

You’ll handle it as though you’ve been hauled into the carriers of a faery tale no issue how you guide this sunshine wonderland.

Ospreys fly above, alligators appear from long hays, and turtles wander along lily cushions. Get a camera if you like to take photos of them to mail to family and buddies back home.

2. Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee is affectionately directed to as “the Big O” by residents, and its title, which means “water big” in Hitachi, is completely correct.

The largest lake in Florida, Okeechobee, travels 5 counties and is near 550,000 acres in dimension. In charge of finally entering the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

It connects with the Okeechobee Waterway. It is only 9 feet in-depth on moderate despite its huge circumference.

The best Florida lake for fishing. If you want to complete an incredible catch, come here. The lake is overflowing with largemouth fish, bluegills, crappie, speckled nest, and catfish.

Local people will guide you and are more than delighted to bring you on a trek of the lake, often in meeting with a fishing trip.

3. Lake Kissimmee

Lake Kissimmee - best vacation in Florida Lake

A wonderland of natural splendours can be seen at Lake Kissimmee. In this lake miles of hiking tracks wind via forests wealthy with pine trees, wetlands, and a beautiful shoreline.

Florida lake vacation – This lovely area houses many other animals, including bobcats, white-tailed deer, birds, alligators, and a type of fish.

Talking of fish, angling is a famous action at this 40,000-acre lake, which is the 3rd biggest in the state.

There are multiple options for fishers to spin in a big one because the place is swarming with fish, including all types of fish to catch. This place permits motorboats, and there is a ship ramp to make tackling them simple.

4. Crescent Lake

This lovely area, once known as Dunn’s Lake, traverses more than 16,900 acres in North Central Florida. It attracts some of the most suitable nature in the region and is swarming with fish.

While there’s a fair chance you’ll witness a bald eagle, particularly at the southern back of Crescent Lake Conservation Area.

On this well-known Florida lake, fishing and canoeing are both allowed. Best lakes in Florida for vacation.

5. Lake Dora

Snowbirds, particularly fishers, find Lake Dora to be a heaven. This stunning area, which is a portion of Lake County’s Harris Chain, traverses nearly 5,500 acres.

The closest villages to the lake are Mount Dora and Tavares, which are found just over 50 minutes northwest of Orlando. The stores, eateries, and yacht launches that are nearest to you can be seen here.

Lake Dora, which was formerly considered to be too dirty for fishing, is currently done for the activity. If you accomplish like fishing, you can do things like waterskiing, canoeing, Jet Ski, windsurfing, or kayaking instead.

6. Lake Talquin

Lake Talquin - best lake in Florida

Lake Talquin, a quick 20-mile journey west of Tallahassee, is a beautiful location to expend a day including fun with your home.

The surreal view covers this top Florida lake, rolling ridges and dense, forested cliffs tower over a lake with wetness so obvious you’ll like to hop in. Best lakes in Florida for swimming.

Fishers of all talent levels are attracted to Lake Talquin by the bunch of largemouth fish and striped bass fish, catfish, speckled perch, and bream.

Lake Talquin State Park, which is superb, is catching on the south coast. It has a path, a boat launch, a picnic site, trails with stunning views of the lake, and a profound gorge that is famous for backpackers and anglers.

7. Lake Eustis

This more than 8000-acre lake is located in Lake County in the middle of Florida. The Dead River joins Lake Eustis to Lake Harris, which is another lake in the Harris Chain lakes.

Lake Eustis enters the St. Johns River. The nearest cities with holiday rentals, incredible restaurants, stores, and gear rentals are Eustis and Tavares in the south.

The prominent Lake Eustis pupfish is a covered species, but fishers come here for the bass fish. Sailing, canoeing, Boating, swimming, kayaking, etc are other popular sports.

8. Lake Apopka

One of the biggest lakes in the state and the head of Lake Apopka is caught about 25 miles to the northwest of Orlando.

Photographers and outdoor lovers pack into this extensive area in pursuit of a peek at its unique wildlife. They are capable to do this in the comfort of their own automobiles gratitude to Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive.

Relying on how often you control for photos along the way, a trek lasts between 2 and 3 hours. Best lakes in Florida for vacation 2023.

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