Best Islands in Hawaii for Couples Honeymoon 2023

Best Islands in Hawaii for couples, it is home to some of the most incredible islands in the world. These islands can be visited by families, friends, and loved ones. Mostly Hawaii is visited by travellers and honeymoon couples to spend some quality time and release the stress after marriage gatherings and functions. 

These islands offer you some of the most beautiful sights like sunrises and sunsets, walks on beaches, white sand, volcanoes, and crystal clear water. Hawaii is on the top of the list of travel destinations for almost all couples. Couples can go surfing, snorkelling, diving, and many other fun activities in Hawaii and enjoy their vacations to the fullest.

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Along with this, the facilitated and luxurious resorts present in Hawaii add to the islands’ beauty. The delicious cuisine of cultural food provided here cannot be found anywhere else. The islands hold dramatic beauty that mesmerizes the visitors, and the waterfalls in the lap of nature are breathtaking. It is the ideal place to glorify your union.

Create Lifetime Memories with these Best Islands in Hawaii for Honeymoon

Today, we will take you to the most beautiful islands of Hawaii that couples can visit for their honeymoon and spend quality time together. All the islands are amazing, but the ones mentioned below hold special importance.

1. Oahu Island

Oahu Island - Best Islands in Hawaii for couples

Couples looking for a soothing atmosphere and a historical island with a thick history of culture and purity of nature can choose this island. This island has the best restaurants with delicious cuisine for visitors.

Here couples can go for several activities like romantic dinners, shopping, movie dates, museums and many more. Couplers can also go surfing on the famous Waikiki beach. This beach is the focus of the performance of this incredible island. 

This island is home to several botanical gardens also. The luxurious resorts and suites are available throughout the year to host couples.

The water is pretty clear, and amazing to see the sea turtles. This iconic place has the stairway to heaven, which is more pretties than anything else. You can also visit the Monoa chocolate tasting, where you can taste different chocolates for free.

2. Maui Island

Best Islands in Hawaii for Couples

Some couples like places with less crowd, where they can drive around and be with each other. If you are one among them, then Maui can be your first preference for you. This beautiful island has a history of two volcanoes that led to its formation. It has provided the most beautiful sunset sight to the place, which attracts several tourists every year.

You can find several luxurious resorts here along the golden shores of the sea. The amazing beaches add to the beauty of this island.

A visit to this island is the desire of many couples as a vacation here can be spent amazingly with your loved ones due to the less crowded place.

You can also drive from one side of the island to another in less than 3 hours. The tropical climate and combinations of more than 80 beaches show that the island has a lot to offer.

This place has some of the most striking wonders of nature that couples can enjoy without any disturbance.

3. Kauai Island

Kauai Island - Best Hawaii Island

THE GARDEN ISLAND is also a name due to its tropical and lush jungle. This island is entirely for nature lovers. This island provides a lot of attractions and posh resorts for couples to enjoy to the fullest. 

You can do the activities here including hiking on Kalalau Trail, walking along Hanalei Bay, also known as the golden beach, spending quality time in post resorts, going on dinner dates with your partner, and much more. 

Here no building can be taller than a coconut tree, which indicates respect from the island’s residents. 

This island is basically for those couples who like to stay active during their vacations and trips. 

4. Island of Hawaii

Land of active volcanoes, the big island is one of the most visited islands by couples. They can do activities like skiing and move over the island easily. This island has several luxurious resorts where teams have the availability of every facility.

This place has the best food to offer to visitors, and couples can also visit the variety of botanical gardens present there. The beautiful waterfalls present in the lap of nature are breathtaking.

Couples are assured of having access to all the water sports, enjoying the delicious cuisine, and playing royal sports like golf.

5. Lanai Island

Best Islands in Hawaii for couples – Lanai is the island of pineapple plantation that is now converted into a tropical heaven. This island is best for couples searching for complete solitude. The local population of the island is quite less. It has a single resort which is recognized as very famous. Here in this resort, you will find all the facilities and delicious cuisine. 

This island is all about relaxing and releasing your stress. There is no one to bother you, and you can spend quality time with your loved ones. You can go for the day in pools, horse riding, play golf and enjoy the sunset view with your partner.

In short, this island provides you with the best time in solitude with your loved ones and is considered amazing for newlywed couples. 

Best Islands in Hawaii for lovers

Hawaii has the most beautiful sights to offer to visitors, like the sunrises and sunsets, the waterfalls, the golden beaches, volcanoes, jungle, and much more. Hawaii has the most diverse geography and beautiful destinations. If you are planning a honeymoon to Hawaii, this can be the most beautiful and memorable journey of your life. 

The islands mentioned above are the five major destinations and the hub of Hawaii which many couples visit yearly. Mostly these couples need no disturbance during the start of their new life, and no one disturbs them here. The delicious food offered by these islands attracts them again and again. Couples also go for boating, theatre, and other amazing activities like this. 

Some FAQs related to “best islands to visit in Hawaii”

Q. Which is the best islands to visit in Hawaii in January?

The best Hawaiian island to visit in January is Maui. In the winter on Maui, you’ll encounter little rain, great whale watching and absolute moderate calm ocean conditions. You will love the condition with your honeymoon partner.

Q. Which is the best island to visit in Hawaii for a family vacation?

There are a lot of kid-friendly activities and fun on the Amazing Hawaiian islands of Oahu, and you will get a great opening to the Aloha spirit. Most people consider Oahu is the most family-friendly Hawaiian island.

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