What is the Honeymoon 2 rule? Best Honeymoon Destinations

The honeymoon 2 rule is a beautiful phase for newly married couples. It’s the foundation of a strong relationship between the two souls. The best honeymoon destinations give you the perfect start to your life.
In this blog, you will know the exact meaning of the honeymoon 2 rule and the best destinations to celebrate a honeymoon.

What is the Honeymoon 2 rule?

According to this rule –
->> Couples should aim to spend at least 2 hours of quality time together each day, 2 nights away or committed to each other each month, and take 2 weeks of holiday together each year.

The idea behind this rule is that it allows couples to prioritize their relationship and keep a healthy balance between their personal lives and their life as a couple.
Ultimately, each couple’s needs and preferences will vary, and it’s important to communicate freely and frankly with your partner to decide what works best for your relationship.

Benefits For Couples of Honeymoon 2 Rule

The “Honeymoon 2 Rule” can have several possible benefits for couples who follow it:

  • Enhanced quality time: Spending a minimum of 2 hours of quality time together each day can help couples relate, communicate, and deepen their emotional bond. This can help keep intimacy and romance in the relationship, which is significant for long-term happiness.
  • Time away from routine: Taking two nights away or committing to each other each month can help couples break away from the monotony of their daily habits and duties. This can deliver a much-needed getaway and permit new experiences and adventures together.
  • Improved communication: Obeying the “Honeymoon 2 Rule” can enable couples to communicate regularly and frankly about their needs, wants, and expectations in the relationship. This can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes and encourage a deeper knowledge of each other.
  • Relaxation and Rejuvenation: Taking 2 weeks of holiday together each year can deliver a chance for couples to refresh and rejuvenate. This can help decrease stress levels and enhance overall well-being, which can help the relationship and each member individually.

Overall, the “Honeymoon 2 Rule” can help partners prioritize their relationship, keep a healthy balance between their personal lives and their life as a couple, and deepen their emotional bond.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in 2023 – 2024

Find out the Best Honeymoon Destinations are the first thing that comes to mind for every honeymoon couple.

A trip to some exotic destination with your partner after marriage is called a honeymoon. A honeymoon is the most memorable trip of someone’s life, so it should be planned accordingly.

The destination, the food, the resorts everything should be extremely amazing. Only in this style will it give a mark of lovable and enjoying memories in your heart. 

One more major thing to put into thought is the budget and cost of your trip. All this should be pre-planned so that you don’t face any issues in the end.

Some of the places are of high budget, and some fit your budget. Let us look at the list of all these places to make it easy for you to decide among them.

The Best and Cheap Places for a Honeymoon on Your Budget

Listed below are some enthralling destinations where you can choose one for your honeymoon under a budget. These are some of the inexpensive honeymoon destinations.

1. Mauritius: Most beautiful islands

Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations – Mauritius

Here you can stay for six to seven days at the cost of up to 2 lahks. It’s an amazing destination where couples can go for a lot of adventures and activities.

It includes romantic dinners in luxurious restaurants, and watching dolphins performing different activities of enjoyment for visitors. Along with this, couples can also go paragliding and Jacuzzi.

You can visit Mauritius anytime during the year. Couples visiting this place also get a free visa to stay there, depending on their passport.

People speak English so that you won’t face any issues in the case of language. You can visit this place when you have a good budget for your honeymoon. It is one of the best cheap honeymoon destinations available for couples.

👉 Mauritius Honeymoon Package: For only (1,000 $) you can stay 6 nights and 7 days with your love.

2. Thailand: budget-friendly honeymoon destinations

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Thailand
Best Honeymoon Destinations – Thailand

Thailand is an international destination and is present for every couple who is planning their honeymoon. This place is incredibly beautiful as it has beaches, sand, crystal clear water, amazing temperature and food, lovely resorts, and restaurants.

In short, everything about this place is perfect. Here you can do a lot of things like water sports which include diving.

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You can spend some quality time on beaches with your loved ones, and there will be no disturbance to your privacy.

The cost of a week’s stay will be around 1.5 lahks. Here you will provide every facility at reasonable rates, which will not disturb your budget. It is the best affordable honeymoon destination.

👉 Thailand Honeymoon Package: Only (1,078 $) you can stay 4 nights and 5 days with your love.

3. Bali: Best Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

Bali best honeymoon place to explore
Bali – Best Honeymoon place to explore

The spiritual purity and essence of Bali are known all over the world. Bali is nothing less than a dream place to visit under a budget.

Most couples visit Bali for their honeymoon as this place is not that costly and holds pure spiritual value.

Partners can go for many activities like paragliding, spending quality time on beaches, and visiting different temples.

It is the most visited place by couples after marriage. For seven days, it will cost you approximately 1.5 lahks.

Bali is the most beautiful place and among the most visited places in Asia for a honeymoon. It comes under the budget-friendly honeymoon destination.

👉 Best and Cheap Places for Honeymoon – Bali Honeymoon Package: Only (500 $) You can stay 5 nights 6 days with your love.

4. Maldives: Every Couple’s First Choice

Maldives Honeymoon Place
Maldives Honeymoon Place

The Maldives can be one of the most exotic destinations for couples after they complete their wedding and head for a new journey of togetherness.

It is a place where you can pamper your partner in every possible way to release their stress.

The amazing restaurants and exotic resorts are a perfect combination for the best honeymoon. It is a costly destination to visit, but if you plan for 3 or 4 days, it will cost you approximately 1.5 lahks.

You can enjoy visiting beaches, different types of water sports and much more. A trip to the Maldives can be refreshing and a perfect start to your new life.

👉 Bali Honeymoon Package: Only (1159 $) you can stay 4 nights and 5 days with your love.

5. Seychelles: Most affordable honeymoon destinations

Seychelles: Affordable honeymoon destinations
Seychelles: Affordable honeymoon destinations

Seychelles is a best honeymoon destination to explore it includes rich in culture, customs, and history, this place holds some amazing historical places to visit.

It falls under your budget as the cost of a week’s trip will be almost 2.5 lahks. You can see this destination anytime as it welcomes tourists throughout the year.

Couples can spend quality time while on dates and enjoy the walk through the dense rain forests of Seychelles.

You can also go for different water sports here, and all this comes under your package. Seychelles has some amazing places for the best affordable honeymoon resorts.

👉 Seychelles honeymoon package: Only in (1240 $) you can stay 6 nights 7 days with your love.

6. Santorini: Best Couples for Honeymoon

Located in Greece, this is among the biggest islands in Greece. It was a volcanic island. It gives a breathtaking view to the couples with its dramatic beauty and blue domes of churches.

The Duo can visit various towns here. The flight tickets are very cheap, and resort rooms are available at reasonable rates.

There are multiple activities for couples to spend time on. Going on a visit to churches and through the towns of Santorini can be quite exciting.

A holiday for a period of six to seven days can cost you an amount of 1.5 lahks. It can be an under-budget trip, and you can enjoy yourself to the fullest with your loved ones and give a stress-free start to your new life.

👉 Santorini honeymoon package: Only (810 $) You can stay 6 nights and 7 days with your love.

7. Boracay: Best affordable honeymoon island

This island is the most popular beach destination in the Philippines. It is quite cheap and has been the favorite place of budget travelers of all time.

Couples can visit this place with a pre-planned budget. It has beautiful beaches, and everything is available at affordable prices. 

👉 Boracay honeymoon package: Only in (1887 $) you can stay 5 nights 6 days with your love.

8. Cozumel: Honeymoon destinations budget

Located in Mexico, this island is famous for its crystal blue waters and music. It is a hotspot for couples searching for their honeymoon destination. Everything at this place is attractive.

The water sports offered by them, the resorts, the restaurants, the beauty of the site, the sand and beaches along with its crystal clear water everything is amazing.

Couples can visit here on a medium budget after buying a package. Couples enjoy this place to the fullest.

👉 Cozumel honeymoon package: Only (887 $) You can stay 3 nights 4 days with your love.

9. Curacao: Cheaper Honeymoon Ideas

Curacao has the perfect weather for diving and is a paradise for water lovers. It is a romantic place for a honeymoon.

It has a special place for nature lovers with stunning flora and fauna for its visitors.

A visit between May and November can save money as hotel prices are reduced during this time. It is an affordable place for its visitors, especially for couples.

A seven-day visit can cost you about 1.5 to 2 lakh. The airfares are also cheap. A wide collection of mouth-watering cuisine is also available.

👉 Curacao honeymoon package: For only (540 $) you can stay 4 nights and 5 days with your love.

10. Jamaica: Low-budget honeymoon places

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Jamaica – Honeymoon Destination with or without family

Jamaica has been the top destination for couples for a long time. It has amazing scenery and holds a thick and amazing culture and history.

This place is quite affordable and has cheap accommodations. You can spend a budget-oriented vacation here and spend quality time with your partner in amazing weather.

It has many affordable resorts and a lot of good restaurants.

👉 Jamaica honeymoon package: Only (800 $) you can stay 6 nights and 7 days with your love. It is one of the Best and Cheap Places for a Honeymoon and a great place to visit. 

11. Kos Greece:

It is a popular destination and attractive in the summer months due to its amazing beaches. It is a developed island with large beach resorts.

The prices are low in summer, and they offer you good value for money during this time. It can be a good choice in the coming years.

Moreover, it provides a good discount to couples and other tourists visiting for honeymoon and other trips.

You can go for many water sports like diving and couples can also walk on the beaches and have a beautiful time with each other. It can be a perfect start to the new life they are going to start.

12. Barbados: best honeymoon destination

Barbados Hiking
Enjoy Barbados Hiking with Partner

At first sight, the beaches and white sand, along with the stunning coral reefs, feel amazing. It is a typical Caribbean island full of attractive charms, visited by many couples every year for a honeymoon.

This island can be a bit expensive, and finding reasonable rates can be a bit hectic. Morover here you can enjoy Barbados Hiking and Snorkeling to explore more and make some unforgettable memories.

But you can have a lovely time with your partner if you are planning a visit to this destination.

Here you will get Mild temperatures in winter, and most couples visit this place during winter.

👉 A holiday for a week can cost a couple approximately an amount of 2 to 2.5 lakh. 

13. U.S Virgin Islands: Best budget honeymoon destinations

Here the couples can go camping on beaches and go for dates on cruises and candlelight dinners to enjoy delicious cuisine. Everything is available at reasonable rates.

This place has the currency of U.S. dollars.

Therefore Paragliding, diving, walking through coastlines, enjoying beaches, and looking at water creatures through crystal clear sea are some of the activities you can do here.

Best and Cheap Places for Honeymoon Couples in 2024. This island is extremely amazing in relevance with views and every other possible aspect.

👉 A visit for 6-7 days can cost you an amount of 2 lahks approximately.

14. Turks and Caicos: Cheap Honeymoon Destinations 

This island consists of breathtaking beaches. It is an excellent choice for couples who want to go for a pre-budget honeymoon.

A lot of resorts in the Caribbean island allow visitors to enjoy the water sports equipment for free. 

This island has the perfect remedy for a stress-free life and is an ideal start for a new life with your partner.

The amazing white coral reefs and sandy beaches and the excellent cuisine and clear water define the beauty of this island. 

It has an amazing atmosphere and mild weather where couples can enjoy their time to the fullest. They offer some water sports with free equipment which can help you manage your budget and cheap honeymoon ideas.

👉 A visit for 6-7 days can cost you about 1.5 lakhs.

Final Words

I hope you have loved the list of the Best and Cheap Destinations for a Honeymoon. Before going on a honeymoon with your partner.

You must plan a budget that will help you manage all the costs, and it will help you go smoothly after the vacation ends.

Choose the place after viewing and booking the resorts and other facilities of the islands. Moreover, all the destinations listed above are incredibly beautiful and reasonably affordable. 

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