8 Best Cities in Florida to live 2023

Best Cities in Florida to live – Discovering a location to call home in a diverse state like Florida, USA is not a preference to be made casually.

You must carry a mixture of accommodation options, the comfort of access, nearness to the city and affordability. We accomplished some analysis and determined the top and best places in Florida for placing down roots.

Inspect our best picks for the best places to live in Florida, whether you’re peeking to resettle or are simply interested to learn more about the top cities in Florida.

Why live in Florida, USA – the dream place to live?

There are 5 reasons that you should live in Florida, USA.

  1. In 365 days a year, you will get 200 days of warm sunshine and comfortable temperatures.
  2. There is no tax policy implemented in Florida which means you will save money here.
  3. It’s a great place for sports lovers, especially football lovers. Lots of leagues and tournaments of football are held over here.
  4. Florida is your house if travelling is your passion. Countless beautiful natural springs, gorgeous beaches, attractive theme parks, and 100 exciting and entertaining places for the holiday can all be seen here.
  5. You’ll evolve into a beach person as shortly as you come to Florida. You have entry to a number of leading beaches, including Grayton Beach, Clearwater Beach, Panama City Public Beach, Pensacola Beach, St. George Island, etc.

What Are The Best Places to Live in Florida?

  1. Orlando
  2. Tampa
  3. Miami
  4. St. Augustine
  5. Sarasota
  6. Pensacola
  7. Jacksonville
  8. Destin

1. Orlando

Walt-Disney-World-Orlando- best city to live in Florida
Image Credit – The Telegraph

The main visitor interest in Orlando is pretty clear. Enormous parts of the city are rung by theme parks like Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. Which have steepled buildings and huge roller coasters that spot the skyline and glow up the evening sky with fireworks shows.

Further well-liked Orlando attractions are Discovery Cove and SeaWorld, which allowed visitors to interact with some of the area’s most prominent stars, such as dolphins, whales, manta rays, and sea lions.

It’s simple to acquire cleaned up in the enchantment and delight of these adrenaline supporters while seeing this famous destination.

If Orlando acts as your home ground. You can also take a numeral of day journeys to nearby appeals or sink your toes into the white and golden sand at the beach.

The population of Orlando:  2508970

2. Tampa

One of Florida’s most underappreciated territories is the Tampa Bay metro area.

Stunning beaches, little chillier temperatures, great dining options, art galleries and museums, and a capital of opportunities are all present.

There is a ton of driving on in this area, which is also rank among the top 300 places to live in Florida by U.S. News.

Some of the most suitable places to live in Florida include Harbour Island, Hyde Park, Beach Park, Westshore, and Davis Island with a mixture of accommodation options including subtle single-family homes and even also a few mega-mansions.

Population of Tampa, Florida: 371,453

3. Miami – the best city in Florida

Miami delivers too broadly to ever become bored. The city draws visitors from all over the planet with gratitude to its outstanding pastel-hued Art Deco structures that band Ocean Drive and the ever-packed sand at Miami’s stunning beaches, including South Beach.

For those who appreciate shopping, eating, and amusement, Coconut Grove is a must-visit. If you look near, you might notice a manatee by the water.

You crave more civilization. Head towards Little Havana’s desirable streets. This also wise Hispanic middle, only a brief walk from the city centre, caters to lovers of Latin themes, food, and art.

Play dominoes in the garden, attend to Cuban music or appreciate a cortado in a forte café.

Population of Miami: 6,090,660

4. St. Augustine

St.-Augustine- Best cities to live in Florida
Image Credit – Google Image

St. Augustine is one of Florida’s most romantic honeymoon places to live and a delightful place to consume a vacation.

You’ll never race out of fun things to do in St. Augustine gratitude to the city’s winding cobblestone streets, adorable cafés, and historic inflexible schoolhouse.

See a regional museum, pivot a horse-and-cart past Castillo de San Marcos, or associate with subjects modelling period clothing. You can’t support but love this unique environment. For unrivalled ideas, climb to the top of the magnetic St. Augustine Lighthouse.

5. Sarasota

best city to live in Florida
Image credit – PODS

Sarasota is a fantastic location to lounge on the friendly, soft sand because it is house to Siesta Key, one of Florida’s best beachfront for families.

The Barnum & Bailey Circus and Ringling Brothers used to consume their winters in this Coast gem. Which has a capital of other must-see attractions.

One of Sarasota’s most seen attractions, especially with children, is The Ringling. This group of museums is found on the feet of the former home of Mable Ringling and John, which is graced with the dense and bright Bayfront Gardens. Follow a routine at the Historic Asolo while you’re here.

The population of Sarasota: 803,709 

6. Pensacola

Yes! you read correctly that there is no other Florida town that does Southern delight quite like Pensacola. This beautiful city is located in northwest Florida, in the area known as the Panhandle.

The town’s geographic area demonstrates why residents manage to talk with a Southern drawl and why cafes love to suit shrimp ‘n grits.

European powers can be visited all over the roads of this little city. The city’s Spanish design dates to a time when it was taken differently.

Today, visitors crowd to this place to feel in the sea and sunbathe on the white and golden beaches while floating in the turquoise waves.

The population of Pensacola:  488246

7. Jacksonville

This huge city, which is the largest in terms of length in the US, is the king of the north and extends across 3 rivers and is the best city in Florida.

Jacksonville is considerably more than only a beach town. It has lovely beaches that are necessary for any Florida vacation. That’s why it is the Best Cities in Florida to live in.

Residents guide to Jacksonville as “Jax,” and it is the place of some of the most suitable restaurants in the state, which are spread throughout the city’s elevated-rise-striped streets and those that are connected by energetic old buildings.

Also, the cooking trained in the municipality will make your preference buds pipe with delight.

Jacksonville Beach is where the outdoor experience starts, but it also occurs at Fort George Island, Cultural State Park and Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary.

Population of Jacksonville: 1,503,574  

8. Destin

Destin is one of the best fishing sites on the Emerald Coast and a right gem. Residents refer to it as “the world’s most fortunate fishing village” in truth.

So catch your fishing equipment, reserve a boat, and test your chance at spinning in a large fish.

Guests spend their gratis time resting on the leagues of soft, golden beaches that embrace the Gulf of Mexico. Other sports that are famous among individuals contain playing golf and dining out.

Everyone appreciates visiting Destin, from jump breakers to honeymooners to snowbirds and retirees. Best cities to live in Florida.

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