Best Caribbean Snorkeling Resorts 2024

Best Caribbean Snorkeling Resorts

Some of the best Caribbean Snorkeling Resorts in the world. You can easily step out of your hotel room, jump into the water even before you’ve had your morning coffee or tea, and see many colorful fish right by the beach.

However, the places that are great for adults to snorkel in the Caribbean may not be suitable for children. For instance, a house on the water above a reef might seem wonderful.

But it can be challenging if you’re traveling with young kids who are afraid of the water or don’t know how to be careful near a ladder that goes into the water.

When you’re teaching kids how to snorkel, it’s important to start in calm, shallow water first, before trying more exciting snorkeling trips near the reef.

Here’s a list of 10 of our favorite snorkeling spots in the Caribbean. These resorts offer fantastic snorkeling experiences for kids of all ages.

So, for your next family vacation, these are the best places in the Caribbean for snorkeling, and you can begin your adventure right from your room.

Best Snorkeling Resorts in the Caribbean

1. Secret Harbour Resort

Caribbean Resorts for Snorkeling
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One of the best places in the Caribbean for families to swim is Secret Harbour Beach Resort in St. Thomas. This small hotel is right on the beach and is great for families.

In the calm bay, kids can learn to snorkel. The best reef is not far from the shore, so adults and older kids can easily get there. But little kids who are still learning can see small groups of fish in the shallow water near the shore.

There are condo-style suites with one, two, or three bedrooms right by the beach. This makes it easy for families with young kids to have all their things like toys and snacks.

Many other families also stay at this resort, so your kids can make friends on the beach. It’s not too crowded here because cruise ship visitors don’t come here as much as other beaches in St. Thomas.

There’s a good restaurant at the resort, but if you want to try something different, you can go to the town of Red Hook for more dining options.

2. Cocoview Resort, Roatan

Best Caribbean Snorkeling Resorts – CocoView is a famous place to go snorkeling in Roatan, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Many people visit CocoView because it’s one of the best spots for snorkeling in the world.

Why is CocoView so great for snorkeling? Well, it’s because the hotel is right by the coral reef on the island’s southern shore. You can easily swim from the shore to see amazing underwater sights.

CocoView is known for having some of the best snorkeling you can do right from the beach. It’s perfect for both beginners and people who have snorkeled before.

CocoView is not just a place to stay; it’s also a popular dive center. If you’re interested, you can even try scuba diving there.

They have really good snorkeling gear, so you don’t need to bring your own. The cool thing is that even if you’re a snorkeler, they’ll let you join the dive boats.

This makes it easy to go to over 10 different snorkel spots in the ocean or visit the four snorkel spots on land right next to the hotel. So, CocoView is like a paradise for snorkeling and diving lovers.

3. The Landings St. Lucia

At Saint Lucia’s The Landings, a Rock Resort location, you can dive into one of the most beautiful underwater scenes in the Caribbean.

Along with a lot of coral, the ocean floor is full of interesting things to see. There are tropical fish and marine life like flounder, blue tang, parrot fish, squirrel fish, spiny lobster, arrow crabs, and octopus.

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4. Anse Chastanet

Caribbean Island for Snorkeling
Best Caribbean Snorkeling Resorts | Image Credit –

You can find a beautiful reef at the southern end of Anse Chastanet Beach in Saint Lucia. This beach has unique salt-and-pepper-colored sand and is well-known.

The place where you stay has a calm and nature-friendly feeling, but it also has all the fancy things you’d get in a fancy hotel.

When you go into the water, keep an eye out for needlefish, peacock flounders, and turtles. If you’re lucky, you might even see an octopus.

Further out in the deep water, there are lots of different sea creatures living around the thick coral on the reef.

5. Marriott Curacao Resort

There are beautiful views of the Caribbean from the Marriott Curacao Resort, which is on the island of Curacao.

Curacao is a great place to swim because the water is so clear and there is so much sea life.

The Marriott Curacao Resort has snorkeling gear, lessons, and guided trips for guests to make the most of their snorkeling vacation.

The resort also has many other activities, like sailing and kayaking, for people who want to see more of the island than just the reef.

The Marriott Curacao Resort is the perfect place to go whether you want a relaxing snorkeling holiday or a full-on island adventure.

6. Avila Beach Hotel – Curacao

The Avila Beach Hotel in Curacao is a fantastic place for snorkeling in the Caribbean. It’s perfect for families and has a relaxed atmosphere.

You can easily travel here from New York, Charlotte, or Miami. Curacao is a hidden gem for family vacations in the Caribbean.

Staying here is more affordable than many other islands, and you’ll still enjoy delicious food, beautiful beaches, and great snorkeling.

The Avila Beach Hotel has two stunning beaches where you can swim right from your room. Whether you need a one-bedroom or a three-bedroom suite, you’ll find enough space for your family.

You can also walk to restaurants in the Pietermaai area of Willemstad.

The water around Avila Beach Hotel is home to more than 100 types of fish, and the visibility is excellent.

This makes it a fantastic place for both beginners and experienced snorkelers. The water entry is gentle, so it’s safe for kids to explore the underwater world.

You don’t need to worry about bringing your own snorkeling gear because the hotel provides it for free.

7. Sorobon Beach Resort, Bonaire

Best Caribbean Snorkeling Resorts – Sorobon Beach Resort is a lovely hotel in the southeastern part of Bonaire, by Lac Bay. It’s a great place for snorkeling.

Most of the best snorkeling spots are on the west side of the island because it’s away from the strong winds.

But Lac Bay is different. It’s a protected area with a big reef that keeps the waves away. When you stay here, you’ll feel the breeze, which is nice in the summer.

Lac Bay is better for experienced swimmers because it takes a while to reach the staghorn coral reef.

The Sorobon Beach Resort is a fancy hotel by one of Bonaire’s best beaches. The beach doesn’t have rocks, but it’s a good idea to wear water shoes at most of Bonaire’s beaches.

People who like windsurfing and those who want to relax at the Sorobon Resort, which has a great spa, both like to come here.

The chalets are right on the beach and have a relaxed beach vibe. You can chill in a hammock on the big porches and enjoy the salty sea breeze.

Sorobon is proud of this because it’s good for your health and makes you feel young. They also have a nice beach club and bistro.

Best Place to Stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling.

8. Caves Hotel

At the Caves Hotel, you can go snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea and discover the underwater caves around Negril Island. In these caves, you’ll find sponges, corals, and different kinds of fish.

If you want to explore these caves by yourself, you can borrow snorkeling equipment and learn how to use it at the hotel.

The Caves Hotel sits on the cliffs of Negril, giving you a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea.

The hotel offers many amenities like a swimming pool, a kitchen, and a bar. There’s also a spa where you can get a relaxing massage or join in on activities like snorkeling, sailing, or windsurfing.

9. Gallows Point, St. John

It’s close to some of the best snorkeling spots in the northern part of the island, like Trunk Bay, Jumbie Bay, Cinnamon Bay, and more.

At Gallows Point, they also organize boat trips for snorkeling in some of the best spots around St. John, US Virgin Islands.

Besides snorkeling, you can do many other activities like exploring different islands and hiking in the Virgin Islands National Park. This park covers more than half of St. John and is one of the reasons why I love snorkeling here.

The resort offers beautiful views of the bay, recently renovated apartments by the ocean, a pool right by the water, and delicious food.

Since it’s just a short walk to Cruz Bay, you can easily go there for other activities or meals, or even take a boat to St. Thomas.

10. The Windsong Resort, Turks & Caicos

There is a snorkeling resort in the Caribbean called Windsong Resort. Guests can discover the underwater world in a fun and safe way.

The resort has a lot of snorkelling gear and supplies, and there is a team of skilled snorkelers who can help guests find the best places to snorkel. The Windsong Resort also has classes for people who have never snorkeled before, so that everyone can enjoy it.

The Windsong Resort has a lot of other things to do besides snorkeling. For example, you can swim, kayak, and sail.

11. Sunset Cove – Grand Cayman

Sunset Cove Grand Cayman is a nice hotel in the Caribbean. It’s great for families who don’t want to spend too much money. The hotel is located right in the middle of Seven Mile Beach.

The rooms in this hotel are like apartments, and they are right next to the beach. They also have kitchens, which is helpful if you want to cook your own meals. And the best part is that they cost less than other hotels on the same beach.

This hotel has a big pool, and it’s in the middle of the condos. There’s even a bar in the pool where adults can get a drink while they swim.

One of the best things about this hotel is the safe swimming area on the beach. It’s perfect for kids and you can also visit the 7-mile Snorkeling beach to explore more options in Cayman.

Younger kids can play in the shallow water, and older kids can go snorkeling around the reef. You can also easily walk to stores, restaurants, and bars from the hotel.

If you’re looking for an affordable hotel in the Caribbean that’s close to a nice reef for snorkeling and is great for families, Sunset Cove is a fantastic choice.

12. Harbour Village Resort, Bonaire

Bonaire is a great place for people who like snorkeling. There’s a fancy hotel called Harbour Village Resort where families can stay. Bonaire is known for scuba diving, but not many American families go there.

At Harbour Village Resort, they have a private beach, which is rare on the island. You can relax in hammocks and beach chairs. The best part is the clear blue water. Snorkeling here is amazing!

Close to the shore, the water gets deep, and you’ll see lots of sea creatures that might surprise even experienced snorkelers.

You should be a good swimmer (at least 5 years old) and know how to use a snorkel vest because the water is deep.

Families can stay in one- or two-bedroom beachfront homes. Kids will enjoy the restaurant over the water where they can watch pelicans catch fish in the morning and see colorful reef fish near the beach.

Bonaire has many snorkeling spots, but this one is among the best.

13. Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton snorkeling resort in the Caribbean is a fantastic place for people who love snorkeling.

At this resort, they teach you how to snorkel, let you rent snorkeling gear, and organize different trips for all levels of snorkelers.

The snorkeling here is some of the best globally. The water is very clear, and you can see many colorful fish. You might also get to see turtles, rays, and dolphins.

Besides snorkeling, the resort offers other fun activities like swimming, sailing, fishing, and windsurfing.

No matter if you’re just starting or have done snorkeling before, the Ritz-Carlton snorkeling resort in the Caribbean is a great spot to have an amazing time.

14. Guana Island

Best Caribbean Snorkeling Resorts
Best Caribbean Snorkeling Resorts

Guana Island is a wonderful spot in the Caribbean that’s not very crowded with tourists. It’s a small island in the British Virgin Islands, nestled between Tortola and Anegada.

Guana Island isn’t just great for swimming; it’s also perfect for hiking, biking, and bird-watching. You’ll even find a few small bars and restaurants on the island. After a day in the sun, you can chill with a refreshing Caribbean drink.

But the most special thing about Guana Island is the wild iguanas that live there. It’s a unique place to visit, and you should definitely consider it for an unforgettable Caribbean vacation.

15. The Rockhouse Hotel, Jamaica

Best Caribbean Snorkeling Resorts – Jamaica has many cool places for snorkeling, but I really like Negril the most. Negril has pretty beaches and cliffs.

It’s not too crowded, and there’s a reef close to the shore, which makes it one of the best spots for snorkeling in Jamaica.

In the West End, just south of Negril Beach, there’s a special place called the Rockhouse Hotel. If you want to snorkel in a fancy way, this is one of the best spots in Jamaica. It’s really unique.

The hotel is built right into a cliff, and it looks like you can see the ocean from the beautiful homes there.

They have a spa, a pool, a bar, restaurants, and those amazing villas you’ve probably seen in magazines. You can also go snorkeling right there.

You can swim in the water off Negril’s coast, which is just a short drive to the north. And when Negril gets too crowded, you can go to Bloody Bay, the next bay over.

The water there is super clear, and it might have the best beach in Jamaica for snorkeling.


An amazing thing about the Caribbean is that you can snorkel right from the shore at your hotel. It’s one of the best things to do with kids. Now you know where to find the best snorkeling spots in the Caribbean.

Best Caribbean Snorkeling Resorts – Select the resort according to your needs and have an amazing trip to the Caribbean island in 2024.

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