Best Trail for Barbados Hiking 2024

As we all know Barbados is a scenic Caribbean heaven known for its beaches and rich culture, and is also a hidden gem for hiking lovers. Barbados hiking gives you an amazing blend of natural beauty, rich history, and adventure.

In this complete guide, we’ll take you on a journey through Barbados hiking, showing the best trails, and some hiking tips that will help you explore Barbados Hiking in 2024.

7 Best Barbados Hiking Trails 2024 to Explore

Barbados hiking isn’t just about exploring nature it’s a chance to engage yourself in the island’s various ecosystems.

From coastal trails to dense rainforests, the ups and downs coming the way while exploring all these things will give you an adventurous experience.

The 7 Best Barbados Hiking Trails help you to know more about the Caribbean island and find out some unknown or hidden places.

1. Bath to Bathsheba Railway Line

The old Barbados Railway used to carry sugar cane from St. Andrew’s plantations to the Bridgetown port. But the trains are gone now, the last ones ran in the 1930s. Parts of the railway track now become the hiking trails in Barbados.

One beautiful part of the trail goes between Bathsheba and Bath on the Atlantic Coast. It goes along the rocky coast.

There are tall casuarina trees that give shade, and you’ll walk through tunnels made by sea grape plants and vines.

You’ll also see windy cliffs with amazing views. You can hear the loud waves from the Atlantic Ocean crashing on the rocks below during your walk.

You can start your walk in either direction, but starting in Bath is better for finding transportation back home.

When you get to Bathsheba, go to the north part of the town to find cool pools where you can swim safely when the tide is low.

👉 3.75 miles (6km) and 2.5 hours to Complete – Hiking in Barbados

2. Mount Hillaby Loop

This interesting trail goes all around and then up to the highest point in Barbados, Mount Hillaby, which is in the middle of the island.

It’s not very tall, only about 340 meters (1115 feet) high, but taking a walk here is more about the beautiful plants and trees like heliconia and palm trees than reaching the top.

You can also see amazing views of the island, especially when you look east towards Bathsheba and north towards St. Lucy.

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The slopes of Mount Hillaby have a cool and pleasant climate, making it a great place for a hike. They are also home to some of the last parts of the tropical forest that used to cover Barbados before the plantation industry came and changed things.

If you go a little way up to the top, you’ll find a marker from 1957 that shows the exact highest point of the island.

The trail starts and ends near the town of Welchman Hall, and it follows quiet country roads before turning into a small path.

Sometimes, you might need to clear your way through plants and bushes, so it’s a good idea to wear long pants and sturdy shoes.

👉 6.5 miles (10.3km), 3 hours to Complete

3. Northern Cliffs Hike

In St. Lucy parish, in the northern part of Barbados, there are tall cliffs overlooking rough waters. It’s far away from the touristy places in the south.

Not many people live here, and there isn’t much traffic. It’s a great place for people who like hiking. You can explore caves, quiet hidden spots by the water, and even spooky abandoned hotels.

The hike begins at the picnic area in Cove Bay. You’ll walk north along the top of the cliffs.

At first, the cliffs may look empty and lifeless, but they are actually home to small hermit crabs and groups of butterflies that somehow manage to stay together despite the strong winds from the Atlantic Ocean.

Be careful near the edges of the cliffs because strong gusts of wind can suddenly come.

You should make a stop at Cuckold Point, a beautiful inlet with earthy orange cliffs that stand out against the bright blue water below.

Another nice spot to visit is River Bay, a quiet inlet where a stream has carved a big hole between the rocks, creating a peaceful, almost completely enclosed spot by the water.

After crossing the creek, the trail takes you back to the top of the cliffs and goes west, eventually leading you to Animal Flower Cave.

Here, you’ll find caves filled with sea urchins that have been carved deep into the cliffs.

👉 4 miles (6.4km), 2.5 hours to complete – Hiking in Barbados

4. Rockley to Bridgetown Southwest Stroll

This nice walk goes through some busy parts of Barbados, but it’s truly pleasant and refreshing. You’ll see beautiful beaches, big parks, and important historical places.

The walk starts at Rockley Beach Park, which is lively with a little market. You’ll walk north for a little more than a kilometer until you reach Drill Hall Beach, where lots of people are sunbathing.

After that, you’ll walk inland and pass through Garrison Savannah, which has old buildings and interesting paths.

Finally, you’ll get back to the beach at the south end of Brownes Beach. The water there is a stunning blue, and it gently touches the pure white sand all the way north to Bridgetown’s Careenage waterfront on the Constitution River.

There are many spots where the water is calm, which is great for kids to swim. Don’t forget to bring snorkeling gear to see the sea animals.

👉 3.5 miles (5.6km), 2 hours to Complete

5. Barclays Park-Chalky Mount Loop

This is a short but somewhat challenging walk from Barclays Park near Bathsheba to the impressive white rocky hill at Chalky Mount.

It goes uphill quickly from the flat land by the sea and offers fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

To start, go to the picnic area at Barclays Park. There, you’ll see a hill that looks like a giant stone face, known locally as the Chalky Mount Giant.

The first part of the hike is steep, but the cool ocean breeze helps you stay comfortable. When you reach the top, you can see Long Pond and Walker’s Beach, which is a great reward for your effort.

Don’t forget to use the ladder to get to the top of the rocks, where you’ll find a stone arch that’s perfect for taking photos. It also gives you a unique view of the untouched coastline below.

On your way back down to Barclays Park, you’ll pass through the lovely village of Chalky Mount. This village is famous for its skilled potters.

If you’re thirsty, you can enjoy a rum punch or two here. The easy path back to the beach takes you through fields covered with wildflowers.

👉 3.1 miles (5km), 1.5 hours to Complete

6. Boscobelle, Saint Peter, Barbados

The Boscobelle is a scenic hiking route located in Saint Peter, Barbados. This trail offers nature lovers and hikers a unique chance to explore the natural beauty of this Caribbean island while enjoying a vital outdoor adventure.

Key features of the Boscobelle Hiking Trail include scenic beauty, historical landmarks, and points of interest that showcase the rich history of Barbados.

Boscobelle, Barbados is home to various wildlife, and while hiking the Boscobelle Trail, you may have the opportunity to spot different bird species, butterflies, and even a few small mammals.

The sounds of nature, the soft rustling of leaves, and the vital breeze make for a peaceful hiking experience.

👉 6.6km, 1.5 hours to Complete

7. Turner’s Hall Wood

One unique place in Barbados is Turner’s Hall Woods. Barbados has lots of valleys and open fields, but Turner’s Hall Woods is the only tropical forest left on the island.

In the hilly area of St. Andrew, there’s a nature spot with many unique plants and animals that are only found in these woods and Hiking in Barbados.

This forest protects about 50 acres and looks like a curved hill. People love to hike here, whether they’re experienced hikers or just like to stroll around.

The hike starts on a tall hill and keeps getting higher until you can see a beautiful view of the east coast and the forest below.

One of the most amazing things about Turner’s Hall Wood is the view from the hilltop.

This place is also engaging because of its special plants. There are many different types of trees growing here together.

In fact, Turner’s Hall Woods is considered to have the most kinds of plants in all of Barbados.

This special place is essential for taking care of nature, which is really valuable. When you visit Turners Hall Woods in Barbados, you can see the stunning views, watch interesting animals, and enjoy the amazing plants that are thriving in their natural home.

Insider Tips for Barbados Hiking

To make the most of your Hiking in Barbados adventure, consider these expert tips:

👉 Local Guides

Consider hiring a local guide who can give you the proper insights into the flora, fauna, and history of the trails. They’ll take you off the beaten path to hidden gems.

👉 Gear Up

Purchase some best and proper hiking gear, including sturdy footwear, breathable clothing, and a backpack with necessities like water, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

👉 Timing

Barbados can get quite hot, so plan your hikes for the cooler parts of the day, either in the morning or late afternoon.

👉 Respect Nature

Leave no trace and respect the environment. Keep the trails clean and maintain the natural beauty of Barbados for future generations.

FAQs about Barbados Hiking

Q. Is Barbados hiking suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! There are trails for all skill levels, and even beginners can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Barbados.

Q. What’s the best time to hike in Barbados?

The best time to hike is between December to April when the weather is pleasant.


Barbados hiking is a fascinating journey through Caribbean heaven, delivering a memorable blend of nature, history, and adventure.

All the Best Hiking Trails always give you a good experience and you have the chance to explore some hidden hems in these Barbados hiking trails.

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