16 Amazing Things to do in Jamaica on Honeymoon

Jamaica is much more than beautiful resorts and white-sand beaches. This is a Caribbean island with its own rhythm-inspired beat, where you can go fishing, on crocodile safaris, and jog across the sand on horseback. There are a lot of fun things to do in Jamaica on a Honeymoon.

Some interesting facts about Jamaica

  • Jamaica achieved independence from Britain in 1962.
  • In Jamaica, you will find 250 species of birds.

Nature will take your puff away in Jamaica. Whether you walk via the coffee farms that cover the stunning Blue Mountains or swim beneath the stars in the island’s gorgeous luminous lagoon.

1. Luminous Lagoon

Luminous Lagoon - Best things to do in Jamaica
Pic credit – TripAdvisor

A holiday to the Luminous Lagoon must be of your first things to do in Jamaica.

Glowing waters are an occasional find not only in the Caribbean but worldwide.

Dinoflagellates, which are microorganisms, are liable for the luminescent light of this body of water around the jaws of the Martha Brae River.

There are just 4 other places in the world where you can see this wonder. The water in this region of Jamaica is stated to be the most shining of them all due to a constant climate.

2. Ride your horse into the sea.

Horse into the sea - Best Things to do in Jamaica
Pic credit – Pinterest

You won’t only adhere to the sand if you step along the beach in Jamaica.

Horses are specially prepared to glide and swim here. So you’ll feel totally lightweight as you hover into the sea on a horse ride.

The desire for a little set tour to help from the trailhead engagement and to guarantee that everything runs smoothly.

3. Make the most of all-inclusive packages.

All-inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts spot the coastline that links Montego Bay, Negril, and Ochos Rios.

RIU and Sandals are the most prominent and arguably, best performers. There will be great restaurants and a totally private beach, which is excellent if you want to bypass the hawkers on shared beaches.

Another advantage is unlimited cocktails without the wonder bar tab. These are the best things to do in Jamaica Montego Bay.

4. Rent a fishing boat and go to Pelican Bar

Pay a regional fisherman to carry you along Treasure Beach’s beach to the strange wooden Pelican Bar. Which hovers on a sandbank half a mile off the beach in the center of the turquoise sandbars.

After jumping across the waves in a motorboat. You’ll be awarded a dish of freshly fried fish when you reach.

5. Boston Bay

Words are less to say that Boston Bay is heaven for Surfers. Capture your board and be ready to ride the waves.

Unless, you like to sit back and rest, bringing in the views and sounds, or eat at a wonderful seaside Caribbean restaurant.

The most suitable time for wave activity is from the end of May to December, which overlaps with the rainy season.

That time of year may prevent sun seekers, but not those wishing to hang the most prominent waves while in Jamaica.

6. Sandals Golf and Country Club

Sandals Golf and Country Club - Things to do in Jamaica
Photo Credit – Sandals.com

The Country Club and Sandals Golf in Jamaica are superior for a day on the playground. Golfers will enjoy the point that they can visit and play at Sandals Ocho Rios for as long as it takes to examine and learn the course, or more extended if you wish.

The class is available to guests from any of the six Sandals belongings in Jamaica. So you’ll be up against individuals from all over the world. A golf shop, operating range, and the club are open at Sandals Golf.

7. Doctor’s Cave Beach

Doctor’s Cave Beach is undoubtedly one of the leading 5 beaches in Montego Bay. One of the top 10 beaches in Jamaica.

Hearing from the residents will persuade you that it is better than just a beach.

But a magic beach where recovery is likely just by dipping in the clear, blue sea. There is the best things to do in Jamaica Negril.

When a prominent British osteopath supposed that the water had medicinal controls in the early 1900s.

The idea circulated like wildfire. People arrived from all over the globe to see it for themselves. The hotels grew up all over the place. It is still a famous travel destination today.

8. Dolphin Cove

There is no suspicion that dolphins are smart, funny, and, of course, sweet.

They are directly man’s most pleasing ocean friend, and the opportunity to swim and play with them should not be given up.

While in Jamaica, you can see Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios. Swim with sharks and learn more additional about each species. These are the best things to do in Jamaica Ocho Rios.

9. Treasure Beach

There are countless beaches in Treasure Bay. Most guests register that Treasure Bay beach is less crowded than others on Jamaica’s west coast.

Some daytimes, you’ll be the only person there, while other days, you’ll find a mixture of visitors and locals.

All appreciating the calm and peace of this beach. There are rare cafes and bars in the area. So you’ll be in the right hands if you go.

10. YS Falls

YS Falls - Best things to do in Jamaica
Photo Credit – Sandals.com

Schedule a waterfall day in Jamaica to conquer the Caribbean heat.

The YS Falls is one of the best things to do in JamaicaThere are 7 beautiful falls, parks, and enclosing areas, as well as the opportunity to zip-rope over the falls.

At YS Falls, this is quite possible. There are too natural pools, which are perfect for kids or anyone who just wants to relax.

11. Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach - Jamaica
Photo credit: Shutterstock.com

Half Moon Beach is just one of the most attractive beaches in the world.

With soft, white sand and transparent blue seas, this beach is the perfect environment for a relaxing beach day.

It is one of Jamaica’s most famous beaches, and it can bring very congested.

If you like to enjoy the beach but don’t like to be enclosed by people. A short trek up the beach will bring you to more peaceful areas where you can absorb the sun in peace.

Alternatively, lease a cabana or a seaside chair and relax in for an amazing Jamaica coast adventure.

12. Heart-shaped Overwater Bungalows

Heart-shaped Overwater Bungalows
Photo Credit – Sandals.com

Heart-shaped overwater bungalows in Jamaica are the foremost of their style and even more special to spend the night in.

The heart-shaped resorts can be seen at Sandals Royal Caribbean.

This lodging is actually one-of-a-kind, with mirror floors and 24-hour butler benefit.

13. Rick’s Café

Sunsets, rhythm music, and bluff jumping are perhaps not in the following order.

You’ll have a grand time at Rick’s Café, whether you run with a crowd or with your partner.

Please hold in mind that the loftiest jump is 35 feet high, which seems to be an effortless feat for local divers. Who is mulling to watch as they throw their bodies into the waters below?

It’s an adventure since you can monitor live performances from the primary stage after you’ve completed diving. There’s even a pool and a nightclub with tasty bites.

14. Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls - Best things to do in Jamaica
Pic Credit – Sandals.com

Dunn’s River Falls is a famous visitor attraction in Jamaica. To the high level of happiness conveyed by many tourists who see the area while on holiday in Jamaica.

It’s as gorgeous as you’ve heard, with numerous waterfalls cascading over limestone ridges and running into the sea.

Walking the falls with or without a companion is an opportunity for the bolder. Top things to do in Jamaica.

It takes some action, but it is completely possible. Wear water shoes is a must.

15. Floyd’s Pelican Bar

You’ll only require a boat for an afternoon of pleasure at the Pelican Bar.

It’s a bar in the center of the ocean, and you’ll keep an amazing experience consuming cold drinks, testing local fare, and sinking your claws into the friendly surrounding waters.

There are several treks that contain a holiday at the Pelican Bar.

It is certainly something you should review off your bucket checklist while in Jamaica.

16. Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach - fun things
Pic Credit – Sandals.com

You’ll listen to Seven Mile Beach from the beat you come on this beautiful couple’s honeymoon island.

It is one of Jamaica’s most famous things to do. The beach is directly miles long, delivering an abundance of space to live out your sand, and sun imaginations.

You can complete your stay as softly or as involved as you like, but you’ll definitely see the perfect pieces to round out your seaside day.

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