All-inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts 2022

All-inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts, since the 1950s, mates have been attracted to Jamaica’s secret and gorgeous islands, adventure sports, and most romantic honeymoon hotels. Jamaica is your key to heaven, with some of the Caribbean’s most outstanding and elegant resorts.

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List of Best Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts all inclusive

Jamaica has it all, whether you desire a pamper-flawless beach resort, a little room in the center of the sea, or a romantic cave resort. Here is a checklist of the top 10 honeymoon resorts in Jamaica that every couple would want to stay at.

1. Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay
All-inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts - Secrets Wild Orchid

It is a paradise of endless romance and light bliss, creating it one of the All-inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts. Couples relish the themed nightclubs and cafes, as well as the oceanfront mansions with private pools and jacuzzis. Wild Orchid Montego Bay delivers newlyweds with a heavenly getaway into quiet and sober joy.

2. Sandals Ochi, Ocho Rios

Sandals Ochi Beach Resort is a fantastic resort that delivers a ton of beach time as well as quiet hillside views. Stay here for the plantation-style awesome house, remote pool villas, and to play golf on the resort’s route.

This famous resort has numerous restaurants and bars, and a joyful beach club. If you book the honeymoon romance package, you’ll get additional perks like a rose petal bath, airport transfers, and an oceanside dinner.

3. Golden Eye Hotel and Resort, Oracabessa
All-inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts - Golden Eye Hotel

As one of the All-inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts’ most popular honeymoons place, Golden Eye is the first choice of all honeymooners. It has amazing beach villas, cottages, and lagoon huts to propose couple’s romantic beats with each other.

The resort also arranges private fishing travels and bird-watching outings for the newlyweds. In a nutshell, the place has everything that is required to make it one of the finest couples’ resorts in Jamaica.

4. The Caves Resort, Negril 
All-inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts - Caves Resort

Natural ocean caves have been transformed into a lavish and memorable honeymoon resort with a saltwater swimming pool. Rum Bar with a lovely sea view, private hot tubs, a jacuzzi, and special beach villas and rooms. This is one of the amazing places where you can memorialize your honeymoon.

5. Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay, Negril

All-inclusive lodgings at Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay take the guesswork out of honeymoon planning. This large hotel has over 400 rooms. There are many restaurants and swimming pools on-site, as well as a great spa. The on-site cafes serve Italian, Japanese, and Jamaican barbeque cookery.

Stay here if you like to spend the bulk of your Jamaican honeymoon on the coast. Riu Palace is good on the beach, so it’s straightforward to get sluggish and just appreciate the breathtaking scenery.

6. Half Moon, Montego Bay

Half Moon, is one of the most idealistic resorts in the Caribbean. It is a gigantic, luxurious resort known for its luxuries. There is an equestrian hub with riding activities such as jumping and horse swimming. Traditional island food and sea flyover at Seagrape Terrace, Italian and tasty BBQ with local musicians at joy Beach BBQ events are highlights of on-site dining.

The Fern Tree Spa is the biggest of its kind in the Caribbean, with 69,000 square feet of area devoted to aromatherapy vapour rooms, outdoor yoga in the bower, fitness classes, and a leisure lounge.

7. Kingston’s Strawberry Hill
Kingston's Strawberry Hill - Best Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts all inclusive

When it comes to honeymoon spots, most partners skip Kingston. A great resort located here is worth entertaining. It is lodged in a former coffee hub in the Blue Mountains ridges.

The quaint houses are lodged into the secret shapes of the mountains, creating a stay here handles like a trip back in time. Because there are only rare cottages here, you can predict a lot of privacy and familiarity.
Visit the cafe, bar, hilltop pool, and parks.

While in town, you can relish modern Caribbean tastes at Strawberry Hill’s patio restaurant and know about culture and reggae music.

8. Sandals Royal Caribbean, Montego Bay, Jamaica

There’s a possibility your girl has read too many magazines and evolved fascinated by some Sandals promotions. It is a Caribbean resort chain that attracts couples that are nothing like what is described in magazines.

The oddity is Sandals Royal Caribbean. It’s five-star extravagance at its best. To offer you an idea of the luxuries available, the lodge has a Balinese-themed remote island where you can play. A caviar bar, swim-up suites, evening cruises, and private butlers are all open. It’s also all-inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts, with all meals included.

9. Moon Palace Jamaica

Find holiday heaven where all-inclusive extra can coexist in gorgeous theme with laid-back Jamaican grace, and leave you grinning for years to come. It forms the most elevated standards for all-inclusive five-star holidays in Jamaica, with ten oceanfront resorts watching the Caribbean Sea’s turquoise waters.

Moon Palace Jamaica delivers 700 air-conditioned rooms with iPod stations and favourable minibar items. Each lodging is uniquely furnished. Visitors can browse the site utilizing the complimentary wireless Internet connection. The restrooms contain a separate bath and shower with a poured wash, as well as unrestricted bathrobes, slippers, etc.

10. Geejam, Port Antonio

Geejam is one of Jamaica’s most suitable honeymoon resorts for duos desiring closeness, love, and “we time.” Nothing could be more romantic than enjoying Geejam Beach. Adventure actions for couples include rafting kayaking, the Rio Grande, and the Caribbean’s sky-blue waters.

Best things to do in Jamaica on honeymoon

5 Best places in Jamaica for couples

Jamaica, a Caribbean island country prosperous in culture, blue water, lush green cliffs, and a stony coastline, is a perfect honeymoon goal for any romantic couple. The Best places in Jamaica for couples—allow you to engage yourself in nature, observe romantic evenings from a ridge, and feel the turquoise water through your legs.

If you roam in any direction, you’ll be covered by equatorial beauty that will take your whiff away and make you like to visit this island permanently.

1. Negril Beach

This is one of Jamaica’s most new and lovely honeymoon destinations, also comprehended as Seven Mile Beach. The turquoise sea covered by the hot white sand beach and the most photogenic evening views draw love birds, while the shoreline humming with restaurants and cafes adds to the honeymoon’s vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

2. Snorkeling at Montego Bay

Many of the earth’s bright coral reefs are breaking, and many individuals have never been snorkelling. What more suitable time than while on holiday to test something new?

There are countless equatorial sea creatures to be seen here, and this honestly meant preserve was specified to save the reef from destructive human activity. Tours and gear rentals are known by a number of agents in the Doctor’s Cave Beach area. However, if you choose to avoid crowds, you can get your own.

3. Rio Grande River

The stunning Rio Grande River rushes through the island’s dense green tropical rainforests.
This is one of the most adorable, photogenic and Best places in Jamaica for couples to visit. Enjoy the surrounding terrain and high plush green cliffs while the raftman brings you via the river.

4. Port Antonio

It is known as a picturesque fishing village cradled between lush green peaks and the sky-blue sea and has caught the souls of millions of honeymooners with its harmony and attractiveness.

Examining the interesting Navy Island, Fort George and bringing in the stunning sea views while paying for some relaxed private points can save honeymooners active all day.

5. Black River and YS Falls

Peace solicitors as well as high seekers herd to this place. The Black River is Jamaica’s biggest river, and it is streaked with luxuriant forests, while the adjacent YS falls show tremendous picturesque beauty and are seldom crowded. You can relax in the water or test out some amazing activities with your love.

Things to do in Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts all inclusive

We have chosen the best things to do in Jamaica so you can schedule your next holiday. Don’t stay at the resort. Jamaica will delight you, and once you’ve lived there, you’ll desire to return again.

We’ve gathered a list of our famous Jamaican things that you can do on your first visit. From widespread interests like Dunn’s River Falls, Treasure Beach, etc. All these are not included in the All-inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon Resorts.

1. Snorkelling

There are multiple snorkelling tours in Jamaica that are part of Seven Mile Beach. There is some fascinating marine energy to see in Jamaica. We came across pufferfish, trumpetfish, and starfish. Also, the water is clear, asking, and warm.

Swimming to Pirate’s Cave, where pirates utilized to hide their caches of concealed treasure, was a highlight for me.

2. Swimming with Horses 

This is without a suspicion one of the best things to do in Jamaica. It was full of fun. Don’t fear, horses want swimming and there is no method to get them into the water if they don’t. Treks begin with a half-hour ride to the shore and end with a 15-minute dip in the Caribbean Sea.

3. YS Falls Adventure

Nobody beats dodging the hot sun by swimming in lagoons and wallowing in waterfalls that falls from above. The YS Waterfall is a seven-tiered fall that is both attractive and delightful to watch.

Ours brought us to areas that separate visitors couldn’t, and he put up the string swings for us, creating the trip more comfortable and informative. Bring a watertight camera or GoPro, as nicely as a towel. This is a good replacement for the less congested Dunn’s River Falls.

4. Blue Hole

A beautiful turquoise near Ocho Rios in Jamaica is understood as the Blue Hole. The Blue Lagoon was once known as the Blue Hole, so the 2 are readily confused.

Also, the island has many blue holes. The Blue Hole near Ocho Rios is a popular swimming hole with a fall. Citizens and tourists alike want a plunge into the Blue Hole in a realistic setting.

5. Bike and Hike

Glimpsing for something extraordinary? On our bike trip with Bracco Stables. We took an enlightening hike observed by an all-downhill bike ride to the Caribbean Sea. After a short break, you jump on cliff bikes and ride downhill to the beach, where reenergized coconuts await before a restorative dip in the water.

FAQs about Honeymoon in Jamaica

Q. How much time is enough time in Jamaica for Honeymoon?

There are countless resorts and wonderful tourist attractions to explore in Jamaica and to acquire the most out of your honeymoon, you should stay at least for 3 to 5 days.

Q. When is the best time of year to visit Jamaica?

If you like to see the real beauty and magic of Jamaica, you should visit between November and December. When the climate is pleasant, most people come this time. Generally, honeymoon couples are seen doing romance on the beach or poolside.

Q. How much is an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica?

There are a lot of resorts in Jamaica all-inclusive. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay
  2. Sandals Ochi, Ocho Rios
  3. Golden Eye Hotel and Resort, Oracabessa
  4. The Caves Resort, Negril 
  5. Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay, Negril
  6. Half Moon, Montego Bay
  7. Kingston’s Strawberry Hill
  8. Sandals Royal Caribbean, Montego Bay, Jamaica

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