10 Best Caribbean Islands for Hiking – Complete Guide

Are you looking for the best Caribbean islands for Hiking? If Yes then your search ends here. We are here to provide the 10 best islands for hiking with a proper guide.

The Caribbean is known for its amazing beaches, blue water, and beautiful nightlife. Apart from these amazing things Caribbean Islands are also known for Hiking.

Hiking is an activity that allows travelers to explore the region’s dense rainforests, rivers, waterfalls, and breathtaking views.

In this article, you will find the complete guide to the best Caribbean islands for hiking and also some hidden facts about these places for hiking.

Hiking – 10 Best Caribbean Islands for Young Adults

Let’s explore the beauty of the Caribbean with these amazing islands which have everything to provide. You just need to grab it and grow your knowledge before traveling to the Caribbean.

1. Saba

Trust me, if you are a hiking enthusiast looking for a truly unique destination for hiking Saba Island is the best.

Saba Island is referred to as “the unspoiled queen” of the Caribbean Island.

It has some challenging trails that lead to stunning views to amazing paths through dense rainforests.

  • The Mt. Scenery Trail: the most famous hiking spot mostly people visit there and enjoy the view of Mount Scenery while hiking.
    It takes 90 minutes for one way to complete the trails in between you will find the gems of the wildlife of the island.
  • The Sandy Cruz Trail: In between the trails you will encounter dense waterfalls, diverse flora, and fauna, and tropical bird species. It’s heaven for the hikers to visit and explore.
  • The Windwardside Trail: If you are interested to know Saba’s local culture and the stunning view of villages, then must go for the Windwardside Trail.
    During hiking, you will encounter local village people and take some tea breaks and see the Caribbean village articular of nature.

There is one drawback of this hiking trip, you can’t find a direct flight to this Island. You have to go to the other international airport to visit here.

Why Saba Island is Famous?

When I was there I saw a spectacular natural beauty, including Mt. Scenery, the tallest point in the Dutch Caribbean, and its amazing ecosystem with diverse wildlife and untouched hiking trails.

If you are visiting, the same things you can encounter, moreover you can also discover some hiking trails on Saba Island.

2. Dominica:

“Nature Island of the Caribbean,” the name itself says the beauty of nature all around the Caribbean. It is one of the Best Caribbean Islands for Hiking and you will also explore new things here must visit the place.

This is the best place for hikers because the hiking trails are present in good numbers and also on difficulty levels.

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The beginner and the intermediate hikers can choose the trail along with the difficulty level so that they will get experience in hiking.

The Waitukubuli National Trail – It is the popular trail in Dominica, here you will find the boiling lake that is the second-largest hot spring in the world.

Explore the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Boiling Lake is situated here.

The hidden waterfalls are amazing to discover and witness. Challenging treks are the specialty of Dominica where people love to be here and enjoy the trek.

Why Dominica is famous?

Dominica is famous for its hiking trails and snorkeling, where you can enjoy the dense rainforests and the powerful volcanic terrains and encounter diverse marine life, fishes, etc through snorkeling.

3. Grenada:

Best Caribbean Island for Hikingin Grenada

The most famous Seven Sisters Falls Trail is the first choice for hikers to visit and explore the dense rainforests and hidden waterfalls.

It is also known as the Island of Spices. Grand Etang Forest Reserve is the popular trekking trail on Grenada Island.

Along with the amazing hiking experience you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear water in Grenada island.

Its starts from the dense forest and leads through the amazing waterfalls and at the end the refreshing water to refresh the body.

In your trekking routes, you will witness a Mona Monkey, it’s a home of these species. You will also see different types of birds.

Why Grenad is Famous?

Of course, the first is hiking and the picturesque view while trekking. Here you can witness a Mona Monkey that is very rare to see.

Moreover, you will enjoy hiking in Grenada because of the splendid views and hospitality of the locals. A must-visit place for hikers to explore. Best island for hiking in the Caribbean.

4. St. Kitts and Nevis:

St. Kitts and Nevis island is also called a volcanic island and the home of Mount Liamuiga, a massive volcano.

St. Kitts and Nevis is a two-island country located in the Caribbean Sea.

The best hiking spot is Mout Liamuiga which is in St. Kitts at 3,792 feet and is the highest point to trek.

It’s a challenging trek to complete but worth it you will witness tropical rainforests and splendid views around the islands.

Crater Lake is also a point of attraction in these twin islands.

This trek is highly recommended for hikers who have experience. It takes 3 hours each way to complete the trek.

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Why St. Kitts and Nevis is Famous?

St. Kitts and Nevis will give you lots of things to witness which include rich history, a dormant volcano for hiking, and delicious foods.

Moreover, you can enjoy the gold sand beaches after the hiking trails. It’s my experience you will here make unforgettable vacation experience.

5. Jamaica: Best Caribbean Islands for Hiking

Best island for hiking in the Caribbean – Jamaica’s Blue Mountains National Park is a hiker’s first choice to visit and see the beauty of the blue mountains.

It offers a fascinating hiking journey through coffee plantations, peaks, and energetic flora and fauna.

Reaching Blue Mountain Peak, the highest point on the island, where hikers can glimpse the sunrise over the Caribbean Sea – is a magical experience.

Hiking trails are best for both beginners and experienced hikers, each providing remarkable and stunning views of the surrounding terrain.

Hikers can choose for multi-day treks and camp overnight along the trails to thoroughly immerse themselves in the park’s peaceful atmosphere.

Why Jamaica is famous for?

The Blue Mountains National Park is a heaven for nature lovers, adventure people, and those who wish to explore the hidden gems of Jamaica’s natural beauty.

Whether it hiking to the peak for sunrise or trekking through coffee plantations, the park offers an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Jamaica’s blue mountains.

6. St. Lucia

Best Caribbean Islands for Hiking - St. Lucia
Image Credit – Coronatodays

Hiking in St. Lucia provides an opportunity to explore the island’s natural beauty, unique flora and fauna.

It’s an amazing way to connect with nature and encounter the Caribbean’s beauty from a different viewpoint.

St. Lucia has a lot of hiking spots, the beginners can start their journey of hiking from St. Lucia.

The Pitons: The most iconic hiking destination is the Pitons. It consists of two volcanic peaks Gros Piton, and Petit Piton.

  • Gros Piton is for beginners as well as experienced, whereas the Petit Piton is only for experienced hikers.
  • During the hiking, you will encounter breathtaking views and amazing nature beauty in your surroundings.

Des Cartiers Rainforest Hike: For those who love to encounter various species of birds for them this hike is best.

  • Here you will find various types of birds which include the Saint Lucia parrot, the island’s national bird. During the trail, you will know about the rich biodiversity of this lovely Rainforest hike.

Tet Paul Nature Trail: 45 minutes to 1 Hour trail

  • It’s shorter and best for the beginner to start hiking. The Tet Paul Nature Trail delivers stunning views of the Pitons and the southwestern coast.

Why St. Lucia is Famous?

St. Lucia’s is famous for its mud bath and the natural hot springs other than this a combination of natural beauty, adventure options, and warm hospitality.
It has gained a reputation as a top travel destination, demanding a wide range of tourists desiring unforgettable experiences in the Caribbean.

7. Martinique

Martinique is a great destination for trekking in the Caribbean. It is a French overseas branch located in the Lesser Antilles, just north of St. Lucia.

One of the most well-known hikes in Martinique is to the summit of Mont Pelée, an active volcano and the highest point on the island.

It might be challenging for the hikers, but trust me once you reached it, from the top is unforgettable and marvelous to capture the view.

Martinique’s hiking tracks often take you via dense rainforests, delivering opportunities to spot local wildlife, such as bird species, butterflies, and unknown plants.

The perfect climate of Martinique allows hikers to trek throughout the year.

Why Martinique is Famous?

Martinique has diverse hiking options, breathtaking landscapes, and a combination of challenging and leisurely trails.

Martinique offers a unique and rewarding experience for hikers of all levels. Making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

8. Barbados: Best Caribbean Islands for Hiking

For hiking enthusiasts, Barbados offers a shocking various and beautiful landscape to explore on foot.

From the lush tropical forests and picturesque cliffs to hidden valleys and historic sites.

Barbados is an incredible heaven for those desiring unforgettable hiking experiences.

North Point Cliff Hike a spectacular Ocean Views – This hiking trek winds along the northernmost end of Barbados, where wild cliffs meet the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

An Underground Adventure – Harrison’s Cave Nature Hike, this amazing hike takes through limestone caverns, garnished with spectacular stalagmites.

As you walk through the cave’s ghostly chambers, you’ll be surprised by the beauty of nature and the secrets preserved within these underground marvels.

Hikers will love this place and be able to discover new things as well.

Why Barbados is Famous?

Barbados is famous for its beautiful beaches, but it’s also a haven for hiking enthusiasts. The island’s diverse terrains, from underground caves to wild cliffs and rainforests, present a unique and unforgettable hiking experience.

Barbados has it all. So, tighten up your hiking boots and engage yourself in the wonders of this unpredictable heaven for hikers.

9. Antigua

Antigua may be famous for its untouched and clean beaches, but the Shirley Heights Lookout delivers an unforgettable hiking adventure.

This amazing site offers scenic views of Falmouth Harbour, English Harbor, and the surrounding terrains.

The best time to visit is during the evening when hikers can enjoy stunning sunsets.

The Signal Hill Trail is the best hiking trek for bird lovers, it takes you through the dense rainforest of Antigua.

Where you can spot a type of bird species, including colorful parrots and hummingbirds.

Mount Obama Trial is the highest peak in Antigua – The trail to the summit offers a somewhat challenging hike that awards you with wide views of the entire island.

The feeling of achievement at the peak is reached only by the breathtaking views.

Why Antigua is famous?

Antigua is famous for the hidden wonders of the Mount Obama Trial. You will love to be there and explore the natural beauty by reaching the top of Antigua island.

10. Saint John: Best island for hiking in the Caribbean

Located in the heart of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John is a proper Caribbean gem known for its amazing beaches and turquoise waters.

The Reef Bay Trail is one of St. John’s most well-known hikes. Providing a special combination of history and picturesque beauty.

This trail leads you via the island’s dense rainforest and past a sugar plantation.

Ram Head Trail: best for hikers desiring stunning seaside views, the Ram Head Trail is a must-visit.

This moderately challenging trail brings you to the easternmost end of St. John, offering spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.

Why Saint Joint is Famous?

It is famous for its hiking trails and stunning views from the top of the peak while trekking. Must visit the island to learn about hiking and experience other adventures.

What Does Unparalleled Hiking Mean?

Unparalleled hiking goes beyond the standard trekking experience. It involves exploring unique locations and trails that offer something extraordinary.

Simple means to explore the hidden gems while hiking with the anonymous challenges who never faced them.
In the Caribbean, there are many islands that are discussed above still many spots are hidden, you can come here and explore those hiking Gems.


All the famous and Best Caribbean Islands for Hiking are discussed above with their facts and everything.

If you are planning to visit there must know the fact and decide which island is best for hiking so you can enjoy your journey well.

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